Even faster game speed

In AoE2 HD, one could set the speed to 8x, bypassing the 2x max, by pressing the + button on the numpad. It was a helper for campaign missions, and in other games against the AI.
I couldn’t find a way to set the speed to 8 in the Definitive Edition. Is there some hidden key a have to press, a mod to download, or a config file to change? Thanks in advance, and happy holidays.

I honestly don’t remember you could do that, can you tell me how you could?

Press the + button on the numpad until it hits 8x. It also has 4x speed before hiting 8.
I don’t think this is avaliable on mp, tho - i only did this on sp games.
If you want to know, T90 once streamed a pro player game where the speed was set 8 - this on voobly, tho. Idk how it works there.

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Also note, that developer has said, that these speeds are not officially supported because they can cause pathfinding and collision bugs.


Thanks for the warning my man!

Thanks. I probably should have researched on google first lol.

You are welcome. Person who made that video (T-West), also talked in beta forums about different glitches he has gotten in different versions of the game by testing x4 and x8 speeds.

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