Faster game speed needed for single-player games

Can a faster game speed option be made available? It’s been a long time since this was brought up, I think.

Normal is fine for many/most times I play. But when I want to go to sleep in 30 minutes and crank out an AoE SP game before bed, I want a turbo mode. Normal is way too slow of pace. Fast is ‘meh’ speed; I can handle (and want) at least 2x faster than Fast mode. So, can a ‘faster’ (or ‘turbo’) option be created where it is about 2x faster (maybe slightly more? maybe slightly less? I feel like I’d need to try it out to nail down a good speed)? Or just give us a two or three more options to choose from? (1.5x, 2x, 3x faster than Fast mode)?

I always regret starting a game shortly before bed because once I start, I can’t stop… and I’m on the hook for a mediocre-paced game that will still take quite a while; even though I set it to “Fast.”

Please don’t misinterpret this to mean I want Call of Duty-like frag fests from start to finish. (I don’t want the game to be altered to spring us into warfare faster through altered foundational game mechanics.) I just want another game speed option that is faster than the current Fast state so everything goes at a more fast-forwarded pace.

I started a game 30 mins before I wanted to go to sleep and it took 45-60 mins to play because “Fast” isn’t really very fast, imo.

Some old similar threads from late 2019, and late 2020:

You want a turbo mode? there already is one, but it changes a lot of things from normal gameplay, I think you wanted to say that with your third section.

If you are playing via steam there already is the option for just making game go fast. Really fast. All you have to do is the following: go to steam → library → rigth click aoe2de → properties → then set launch option “DEBUGSPEEDS”. Now if you start a SP match make sure you have lock speed disabled, go into the game and press your speed up game hotkey (default should be “+” sign). you get 4x and 8x on top of that (while normal is 1.7x, fast is 2x).

While you are setting up the launch option you also migth want to add SKIPINTRO. This lets you skip the intro what makes the game start faster. So here are my launch options: “SKIPINTRO DEBUGSPEEDS”


Thank you. Will give it a shot and report back. I already do SKIPINTRO :slight_smile:

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Can recommend the DEBUGSPEEDS option

very useful in boring campaign situations where you just have to wait for something


You could also find a speed mod.

Have done a crazy run on “King Of Valencia”, where I killed everything except for 1 bomb tower that was not possible to reach, only using the one hero from the start 11 not possible without 8x

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