Excited things I found in the October 1st stream video

Hello folks.

I took some minutes to review the October first stream video and found some interesting things you might like:

Improved animations (excuse the bad quality they uploaded in bad quality (-_-))

Notice how beautiful they look with those smooth animations while standing on their feet

Take a look to the archers animation, it looks very nice now

Some units comparison:

Archers beta

Archers stream (and I love the fact you can see the arrows very well, its so hard to understand in most RTS games and they did very well in AoE 4, I can see each arrow in the air)

More details in cavalry units
Cav from beta

Cav from stream

Landskaneat or whatever is called

new landscate
new landscate2

They added some more details to building destruction

They even listened to our petitions:

They added better animations for infantry building attack

They fixed the zoom rant
Beta zoom

stream zoom

They added more corpses and last longer in the field


Building scales
Not sure if it is just this building it self but I am quite sure they are working on it…

Im quite excited and happy with the new additions, it brings me hope and now I start getting very very excited.

Just hope they add crew, better destruction animations and bigger cannons and stones to siege weapons. Oh and ragdolls, come on we need that for fun!! What else do you want to be improved?


The first video…
Is that even the same game? The graphics are next level compared to what we have seen before Imo


Indeed, and it is uploaded in bad quality LOOOL comunity manager is the worst I have seen in years… all they upload is so cringy compared with what they are doing. But well I did (for free) what they never showed or talked: improved stuff and added things.

Btw take in consideration the beta pictures I posted are in 4k. (you notice it even more in the zoom picture and took them when I played the beta)


Turns out we just had to wait for minor things like these to get finished…


Why did they never mention it? was it really hard to communicate what they are going to improve and what not? :joy:


I honestly don’t know.
Might have been partly because they already had an internal schedule of stuff they were already working on.

Telling someone you are going to improve a rough sketch like a beta is kinda unnecessary.

It’s nice to see a lot of graphics haters and critics realising they just had to wait until release.

I do however agree that the some promotional material looks 10x worse than actual gameplay?

Like the marketing team is playing the game on a netbook or something.


You can’t tell if they added those improvements due to schedule or due to the criticism because they never talked about schedules but listening to the community, I personally think criticism is always needed and doubt people hate the game. What people do is give feedback to improve our loved game and make it a hit.


It’s fine to give feedback but we had lots of people saying:

“this is a crappy game”

“relic is lazy”

“aoe IV will be a failure”

All after like 2 betas that were clearly not the final product.

Sure they could have communicated better but they aren’t incompetent devs.

They don’t need to be told everything to do their jobs.


In some of them I cannot see a difference to be honest


You can watch the video in HD and make that comparison yourself if you’d like.


I’ve some doubts. I wanna see how many details they’ve added to unit textures when you zoom in. In this video zoom Is limited. We’ll see.

Holy ■■■■, the changes are great! The developers have actually proved that they’re improving and adding what we complain about. Hat’s off to them for this one. Relic is showing that this game won’t be a ‘disaster.’ I still think there’s always improvement, but this game is growing in potential.


Yes, I also hope …

Just please remove the terribly thick smoke in which the units are lost.


Yeah as i’ve mentioned many times before.

Don’t pre-order until you see actual gameplay and reviews.

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The beta we played was a desaster, I will keep my position on that, because it really was. But at this point with every new video they are showing I can tell it is far from being a desaster. They are improving, glad they are listening to us and the criticism. Now I am super excited.


I am glad people are happy about visible improvements made between builds, but please don’t construct some fantasy about Relic having meetings, making decisions, shifting production plans and completing work on adding new or adjusting animations, FX effects, HD textures, camera fixes, building proportions and whatever else can be spotted in the recent dev stream in just the few days they would actually have had to make adjustments based on feedback since the stress test weekend.

This was likely played on a build finished within days of the stress test wrapping up. The vast majority of these improvements are tied to work being completed on things that have been set in motion months ago, not within the last 1-2 weeks. Technical test builds are usually just not optimized for these kind of things.


Looks much better. After the the disaster of the open beta I was getting worried

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Unit animations, including death animations seemed improved.
Also noticed that starting TCs are now 7000 health, as open beta patch notes had intended.

This does look way better than the Technical Stress Test.

I might consider buying AOE4 if the game looks roughly like this on a GTX 1070 graphic card, but to be honest, I still don’t see a reason to play AOE4 over AOE2 just because it got some AOE3 elements mixed in.

Especially considering in which great state the DE’s now are, AOE4 will have to do a lot of convincing to be worth its prize tag which is three times a DE for me with less factions and content than both DEs.


It needs to look run good in 5500xt if I am force to play at medium is a pass for me… but I think for this game GPU is not a main factor, CPU is, it was the same with coh1-2