Experience points/Cosmetics

In age of empire III, you receive experience point. which you can use for “upgrade” your Cosmetic in your home city. After all of the Cosmetic are done, the experience points just sit there accumulating. I feel that those Points should be used for other home bases. than just sitting there. Any thought on this?

It could be linked in some way to a new game mode like the one suggested here:
World map conquest: question to developers

The experience gained could be used to unlock new mercenaries and natives. Or redeem for new exclusive cards for this game mode. It could be many things.

Like the OG Age 3, in which you had to level up your HC in order to get new cards? If so, I’ll pass

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That’s why I say in another game mode. A new game mode for those who like it. There would be no compromised ELO or anything like that.

Additionally, they could be unlocked during the game, and not post-game.

I mostly play SP, so I don’t care that much for Elo, but I really didn’t like the imbalance that came with players who had played for some time vs just starting players

My idea for excess XP is like OP said: give points for other HC. Maybe, you could unlock those weekly portraits, too.

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That’s a bad design that’s thankfully been removed, but it could be reimplemented in a new game mode where balance isn’t a concern.

Well, beyond the experience I mean leveling up in the metropolis. Currently the maximum is 131, but imagine if it were something indefinite. Using this on a world coquest map could work.

I have one idea:

Town center cosmetics.
(Flags, extra floors, decorations, whatever else…)

Those could be linked to the HC xp points.
Could be the same for the rest of the buildings, like I’d like to see who is shooting from outposts, or maybe something silly like the flamethrower hot dog cart reskin.


How about allow us to unlock the existing hero customisations for very high amounts of customisation points.
Like 100 of them or so.


I’d also like to see a basically unlimited home city level. I’m at 131 on my Portuguese home city, it would be fun to be able to go higher (even though it probably won’t do anything)

Now this is a great idea! It’s a shame to see some skins locked with no way to get them.

15 o 20 puntos estaría bien, 50 te lo acepto, 100 puntos para desbloquear una piel ya es mucho

I think those points should be to unlock, explorer skins, flags for the civilization, new designs for the buildings that we can build and perhaps skins for the units that we can train in the game.

PS: They could also be used to customize the appearance of the revolutions.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I wish we could get some kind of HC cosmetic DLC.

Yes, there are lots of skins I will never have since I didn’t have the game yet and I find that unfair to be honest.

I’ll add the Aztec explorer skin that nobody will have now

Devs could add more skins but for buildings instead being specific to each civ

I hope they won’t do that just by missing 10% of the goal.