World map conquest: question to developers

Dear developers i really appreciate what you have created with AOE3de: this Is the state of art for the RTS.

All the modes you added into the game are fantastic but i would like to know if It possibile to bring Age of Empires 3 into a new mode that i’m sure Will make the game itself very funny and replayable: i’m speaking about the World map conquest mode.

And the upcoming Dynamic campaign from CoH3

AOE3DE has now many civilizations, many Maps, continents and a lot of units.

It would be Epic to see all of these different civilizations fight each others on European map, Asian continent map or the new world Map. All could be a very surprise for every new campaign: imagine to conquest France with two turns and when you are sure to take this regione, suddenly african Kingdoms Attack you from the south.

The turn base mode will be only for movements on world map while the players Will choise to fighte the enemies with auto-matches or traditional skirmish which Will represent those regions.

Battle for the middle earth 2 Is a great example for that.

So, dear developers, do you think it’s possible to see this new mode in the future? Maybe with a Big DLC.

thank you.


You are forgetting the most obvious one from Microsoft too, Rise of Nations, where conquering a capital you earnt the civ bonus for a battle


Yes I’m played rise of Nations and Sid’s civilization series total war series i hope developers making aoe3de of World map conquest to rise of National mode it’s than Cossacks 3 and American conquest be Interesting

I always think AOE3’s mechanics fit very well with a world conquest map. Especially:

  • Natives and mercenaries
  • Card progression systems. I know a lot of people (me included) dislike having to grind to get a playable civ, but it will be fun in a single player campaign. It worked well in the story mode so it could also work for a wold conquest mode. For example:
    (1) You unlock more cards with more experience
    (2) “Defense level” of a region or “strength level” of an army determines the starting buildings and xp of a battle
    (3) You can use the deck of conquered nations (maybe with limited times)

Sure the all civs units can supports cards of (drummer、mounted drummer、Mounted Standard Bearer and flag bearer is the support units)and General card(officer and general)we have to world wonder cards and fortress cards is as fun as the European War series

this is just risk though, u can play that now

Never thought about it but AoE3DE already has a lot of systems that could work very well with it.

Also this could finally be a AoE DLC that isn’t just civilisations.

Conquering the world province by province could be interesting.
The Dawn of War campaigns were also like that so they could ask Relic for help and inspiration.

Some ideas:

  • Unlocking unique cards by conquering a province
    • Ship improved Jäger mercenaries after conquering the province of Hessia.
    • Ship Cruzob Infantry after conquering Yucatan.
    • Mercenary (Tavern, monastery etc.) discount shipment after conquering Switzerland.
  • Permanent bonuses for important provinces:
    • Coin trickle after conquering Mali.
    • Unlock Gurkha Mercenary after conquering Nepal.
    • Religious building (Church, Mosque, etc.) can ship Papal Guards after conquering Rome.
  • Local bonuses that are only available in adjacent provinces:
    • Extra shipments that don’t have to be added to the deck.
    • Resource trickle.
    • Extra starting units.
    • Unlock of trainable mercenaries (would be available for most mercenaries)
    • Modifiers like infantry/cavalry/etc. health/attack/range (based on minor civilisation technologies for example)
  • Some province could have a design similar to the historical maps:
    • Unique victory conditions.
    • Asymmetric starting conditions for attacker and defender.
    • Unique mechanics, units and buildings.
  • Random modifiers that can appear on some provinces:
    • Cold weather (units slowly lose health when not close to a building)
    • Bandits (hostile units roam the map)
    • Draught (Mills/Farms/etc. produce less food)
    • Sandstorm (reduced unit LoS)
    • Extra starting resources
  • Global resource pool that can be invested into provinces to get in that province when defending:
    • Extra starting buildings (like a Barracks)
    • Resource trickle
    • Permanent modifiers (10% coin collection rate or 10% cavalry health)
  • Or invest into a province to unlock a global bonus from that province
    • Upgrade Rome to get Papal Lancers on top of Papal Guards.
    • Upgrade Yucatan to unlock Cruzob Avenger on top of Cruzob Infantry.
  • Some provinces might need to be upgraded to get anything:
    • Upgrade Washington DC to unlock Sharpshooter.
  • Global resources could be used to build an army:
    • Those units are directly available at the beginning of the battle.
    • They are only available for one battle when used.
    • Costs and type of units available could depend on continent.
    • Units can also be economic or building wagons.
    • This would speed up the conquest of provinces in the later parts of the campaign.
  • Conquest is done by Hero units:
    • Those heroes replace the explores/monks/etc. of the civilisations.
    • You start with one and unlock more later.
    • Those heroes are the avatars of your army on the world map. You have to move with them to attack provinces.

There are so many playable civilisation, minor civilisations and mercenaries now that it shouldn’t be hard to find unique bonuses for most provinces in the world.
Only a few areas (Southern Africa or Oceania) haven’t been covered yet.


Not needed the whole world map yet, I mean as in RoN, they can do it with Americas or/and Europe first.

In Americas each European starts with a province (Maybe SP and PT with 2 idk) while natives get most of the continent. There would uncontrolled regions where fights against minor tribes units are needed.

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Yes, to conquer the world map, we should add a spy system diplomacy system and a bribery system mechanism, as well as heroic units, national famous generals, explorers and War chiefs Religious Heroes must to other real historical and fictional characters. It’s time for developers to make it

It would be Fantastic if developers would share their opinions about this new mode.

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Most of that is not needed, this isnt TW

This would be fantastic. I’ve long thought that AoE3 in particular would be well-suited to that style, since all the maps correspond to real-world locations. Here’s to hoping they can make that a reality!


yes, i really hope they will listen us

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Oh yes, a World map conquest in Age of Empires 3 DE would be awesome.

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This “new” mode was actually part of the development of the 05’ original game!

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Take a leaf out of Rise of Nation’s book - keep it fairly simple (upgrade your territories, use special cards, attack, etc).

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I love the idea, but the question arises: How much support would this game mode receive?

Would you like Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition to have global conquest mode?
  • Yes.
  • No.
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I’d like to see something like this, but it requires having a world map first.

It can be regional like RoN had with Alexander, Cold War and Discovery of Americas and then the whole map.

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I think a poll needs a new thread or else people won’t notice it or forget to check the results later.

We are getting closer to it though.
Not many big holes anymore.

But we still need a South Africa, Oceania and Australia DLC to fill the big empty sports.