Explorers skins ideas for devs - Come and post your own

It seems Zorro is in public domain but there is a company claiming to own his rights, so idk if he’s doable

Either way it would be fun.


For Spanish: Don Quijote (change a spanish dog by the squire Sancho Panza^^), Blas de Lezo (lame, one-hand and one-eyed) and Delgado (in the game) are great characters.


hmmm maybe that ones could work too.

John Bull - Wikipedia

Zé Povinho - Wikipedia

Deutscher Michel - Wikipedia


Not Ze Povinho. Its a waste of a slot for a “meme”.

I can’t think of anyone for the civs already in the game (maybe Cuauhtemoc or an AoE2 Jaguar warrior for Aztecs, or Sabla Wengel for the Ethiopians?), but if they ever added Brazil as a playable civ, Tiradentes could be a skin for their Explorer/General. He’s pre-independence tho.


There seems to be very little advice about Ottoman explorers, especially non-real/specific/historical characters.

In my country, the most famous Turkish things are Turkish ice cream (Dondurma) and shawarma.


I think there might be a chance to make Dondurma/shawarma sellers the new explorers’ modules. Although I think something like this food stall/cart seems more suitable to be made into a home city custom option.

For a year-end event,

  • Explorers/Generals/Masters → Santa Claus or Christmas girl with a big candy cane as a weapon.
  • Their dogs → Christmas elves or reindeers.
  • Hot Air Balloon → A Christmas sleigh full of gifts pulled by reindeers.

This applies to all Christian civs, or exclusively to Swedes.

About the female skin for the Chinese hero, I think it could be a lady in a cheongsam (qipao) dress. Cheongsam is a type of Chinese women’s clothing that allows for various styles of adaptation, which can be cute, elegant or sexy, and provide characters with a Chinese flavor in many popular subculture works.There are many similar ideas in many entertainment products, such as Wang Liu Mei in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Kagura in Gintama, Ada Wong in Resident Evil series, Chun-Li in Street Fighter series, Ten Ten in Naruto, Tao Jun in Shaman King, and Boa Hancock in One Piece.


He could be shared with US, since he actually was created there

Rusia: Ivan IV
Tzar Ivan IV “the terrible”, most depictions came after his death.


Rusia: Catherine Ii
Empress (wife of Peter the Great) also known as “the Great”.

Ottoman: Suleiman the Magnificent
Ruled during the gold age of the ottoman empire and archived many things.


Ottoman: Mehemed II
He captured Constantinople and changed it to Istanbul that become it’s Capital


Ottoman: Abdul Hamid I

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Japan: Warrior Monk
Based on Saito Musashibo Benkei, although he is from the heian era, it’s and example of a warrior monk.
Weapon: Naginata

Japan: Buddhist Priest
Based on Geno Shinsho a Buddhist Priest.
Weapon: Staff


Japan: Kunoichi (Geisha)
Based on Mochizuki Chiyome, who was entrusted by Takeda Shingen to create a spy network of female spies, which were train (to spy, by dressing as Miko’s, Geishas, etc).
Weapon: Fan/dagger

Japan: Ronin
Based on Miyamoto Musashi famous sword master.

Japan: Ninja
Based on many historical figures from different ninja clans, for ex. Iga Clan, Hattori.
Weapon: Kusarigama (melee), Shutiken(ranged)/kunai(ranged shot)



Aztecs: Cuahutemoc
Based on the last Aztec emperor as depicted in several images and statues.

Aztecs: Noble
Based on several nobles/emperor’s wearing a type of “crown”.

Aztecs: Nezahualcoyotl
Based on the emperor wearing his war suit with a coyote helmet.

Aztecs: “Eagle Emperor”
Famous image of an Emperor/warrior wearing an Eagle helmet (without jaw).


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Time for more admirals:

Dutch: Michiel De Ruyter
Two Horatio Nelson suggestions and no Michiel De Ruyter suggestion, I guess I’ll be the first one to suggest. One of the most famous admirals.

Russians (Can be for a future Danish civ too): Vitus Bering
Danish explorer under the Russian Navy service.


Quizás sea algo anticlimático pero, creo que en esa primera imagen le dieron poco helado xd

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I’d like to see Mahmud II, with both iterations (Traditional and Tanzimat)


When we talk about that,can we just make Huang Jian become a swordman like the campaign,now he fight as a boxer,really not suitable.


For Italians I would suggest a “condottiero-like” explorer that wear an heavy armor:

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Or if you are going for a specific historical character, then I suggest Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, or Bartolomeo Colleoni.

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