Export Buildings in AoE 2 - DE

Good evening,
i’m new in this forum and i hope i m not in wrong category.
When i was child i plaied a lot with AoE 2 (the conquerors expansion) and 1 year ago i discovered that Definitive Edition exist :-o
I would like to know if there is a way to export Bitmap or Jpeg high resolution of buildings, because i’d like to print some of them and hang as a poster on my home. :smiley: i know that sounds NERD but it isnt .
So, what can i do to have it? if someone does that for job, i can write a list, deal a price together. Else, if exist a way with 3rd part software to do, can you tell me some name?
Thank you soooo much

You can use SLX Studio: SLX Studio - A new SLP and DRS mod tool. - Age of Kings Heaven Forums
The files your looking for are in smx format. Just look for them in the game folder and open them with this tool. It’ll allow you to save the frames in whichever format you prefer.


you can also view them in genie editor and export the visible frame to png.

thank you for answers and sorry for delay in writing you back. i created a new post because i forgot i previously did it!

as i wrote there, i don t know path of SMX buildings, or name. i search *.MSX but there are a lot of files and no name is similar to University, Church… i m looking for Vikings, Roman, Celts buildings. thank you so much.