How can i extract BMP of buildings in AOE 2 DE?

Good evening everybody,
it’s the first time i m writing here. Well, i d like to export some building (in high resolution if possible) to print, because it remembers me when i used to play it in childhood (i plaied AOE2 The Conquerors Exp).
i ve read here

that since AOE2 DE new format is SMX and no more SLP. i d like to know exact path of Vikings, Roman, Celts buildings because i d like to use SLX STUDIO (THANKS TO TEVIOUS7621) to export it in BMP.
So please i m asking you what’s the path of buildings and if it’s really true they are now SMX files.
i ve tried to search *.SMX but i see a lot of files and no name is similar to Roman, or Vikings, i tried to open with SLX STUDIO and i see animals animations or something like that.
Can somebody please help me?
Thank you so much.

Advanced Genie Editor afaik

thank you for answering. i ve tried with Advanced Genie Editor but new issues were born: in SLP GRAPHIC on right side i cannot see any building, so i came back using SLX STUDIO. my problem is to know the file name of buildings that interest me, or at least path. there are so many and with a fast view there isnt that what i m looking for!
Am i the only one who wants to export BMP of buildings?