Extracting graphics from Unity .assets files

Stronghold Definitive Edition has dropped (demo version) on Steam. I am looking for anyone who knows how to extract graphics from Unity engine .assets files which seem to be containing the graphics. They would be good additions to AOE2DE. Having similar quality and utility. Anyone knows anything about this?

Screenshot (233)
Screenshot (232)

If they are unencrypted, you should be able to import them in your own project

Hi there, thanks for the input. How do I check if they are encrypted or not? Any guides?

Maybe try to import them and if that fails, they are encrypted

I’m knew to this. How is this done?

Try this

I tried it but I don’t seem to be able to do it. Could you give it a try? The assets are in the Stronghold Definitive Edition demo folder.

Sure, but not in a few days, at least


let us know too, would like to use some graphics from it as well if you dont mind sharing


Thank you sir. I look forward to you assistance.


Hi sir, any updates on this please?

Hi! I haven’t given it time to this. I’ve been kind of busy and celebrating some stuff. I’ll tell you when I try

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