Facts about MOD"5.6 - UNIQUE HISTORICAL ARMY SKINS - S.XVII-XIX - Multiplayer compatible!" stealing my MOD resources

I’m very sorry that the following may affect your mood, but I don’t know what else to do to assert my rights and clarify some facts. I hope to get everyone’s understanding and the attention of the site administrators.

I’m GwentMaster, author of the MOD “Units Historical Appearance(Support Multiplayer)”

Because I learned that some of the content in the MOD was stolen by MOD:“UNIQUE HISTORICAL ARMY SKINS - S.XVII-XIX - Multiplayer compatible!” (Author ID: DeathAndHell485)again, So after the last fix in a few days, I had to stop the update of My mod.

Not only is this mod using units skins I made without my permission, this is not the first time, within three days of the first release of my mod, he has already done this. And even worse this time, my account ID wasn’t even mentioned.

Plagiarist, I cannot punish you for your actions, and I wish you the best of luck.

“My MOD is free forever” is not a reason to plagiarize other people’s labor, all Age of Empires 3 mods are free.

The following is part of the evidence, which I found by rummaging through it. I think if I look carefully, there may be more.

Please note that the file creation date, file size, and some folders are named in my own way.

1.The Russian Fortress Musketeer I made.

2.Portuguese Shako I made

3.I Made Fortress British Red Coat:

The buttons of the British Fort Musketeers are after I cut out the buttons and pasted them one by one in white rectangles. I also smeared the original buckle of the shoulder strap. There is a missing piece in the middle, which I always feel is a pity.

The above is my original texture, and the button parts are rectangles that I hand-painted. Below is the color he simply modified on this basis. As you can see, it can be completely overlapped.

4.Pavlovian Grenadier hat I made

I just give these few examples to prove that my words are not lies.

They couldn’t help but stole my creations and didn’t even mention me.

During this time, I have tried to contact him through a middleman and ask him to delete the content that I made, as well as the simple tampering of my content. The following is the original text of the letter:

" Here is a letter I wrote to El Ermitaño and his friends:It’s four o’clock in the morning, Beijing time, and I’m very sad and angry. Because this is not the first time this has happened, you guys have misappropriated my content before without my permission, thank you for finally removing it after I tried to get in touch in every way.I know that as a mod creator, it is not easy to defend the rights of texture materials, but I hope to get basic respect and honesty. I’ve stated it many times, and seriously wrote on the homepage please don’t use these things into other mods, and they still do.I have my own persistence and perseverance in producing these contents, which even caused me to delay my daily work to a considerable extent and need to work overtime for a long time. Please, please respect me. This time, just like that time, it added an unnecessary psychological burden to me, and even made it difficult for me to sleep. If it goes on like this, I can only choose to give up.People make these things out of love for games, at least for me, I feel like I spend all night, all afternoon, all day making stuff like my kids. I don’t mind if you integrate it privately, but it ends up being misappropriated again and again and published on the official platform with great fanfare.So, I beg you, delete my content! It’s a mercy for my sleepless nights!Sincerely RegardsGwentMaster, from Tianjin "

I’m very sorry if I disturb the community order!


You certainly don’t disturb the community here! You have poured a lot of time and effort in with your mod so I’d say you are well entitled to be annoyed at plagiarists.

Your work is much appreciated, so please keep it up despite those he may try to copy


joder colega que pesimo que te hagan esto, y no se puede denunciar de alguna manera ese mod que te plagio?


It’s very sad.I hope he doesn’t play dumb anymore…

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Why should he continue to support this behaviour?