Failed to connect to multiplayer services AoE2:DE

i have an issue, with multiplayer mode.

I cannot connect to multiplayer services. I tried to google an answer but nothing help. I tried to use VPN or allow aoe2 in firewall and antivir, but still same error.

Do you have any idea how to fix it?


windows 7 - 64x
game is paid on steam

Thank you :wink:

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Hey there! Unfortunately the game is not officially supported on the Windows 7 platform, as it does not have the features necessary to support crossplay and other online features employed by the game.

Upgrading to Windows 10 will be a good starting point to play online; otherwise, here are a few articles you can try and use to see if they work for you:

I hope that answers your question, and good luck!

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A lot of my friends play on W7 and no problem. I’ll try look at your links. Thank you

Any other idea, how to fix it?

I have Windows 10 and the very same problem.

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Me too, same problem with Windows 10.

me to same problem :S what we do . i want to play multiplayer :frowning:

Maybe I found solution. WORK FOR ME

I Just changed the game file location from my primary C: disk to my secondary D: disk. Try it too and let other people know if it worked for you also.

really :smiley: fak i do now uninstall and install same disk

Try to change it after instalation is done like me :slight_smile:

If you have a steam it’s easy

I have only one disk (only C) what should i do to fix my problem?

You can try to change only instalation file on your C disk :slight_smile:

Did my advice to change the help to another people like me?

How do you do this? I tried via steam but was told i can only have one folder…

After downloading the Hotfix 37906, I am unable to connect to the Multiplayer.
“Sorry, failed to connect multiplayer services please try again”
I have tried Uninstall and Reinstall, xbox sign out sign in etc.
It just wont work.
Even single player campaigns are not counted after a winning the game.
I feel hopeless now,
This concludes that the developers are not bothered and ditched us for good.


i have the problem today. yesterday i played normally…