Failed to load game - Microsoft Support SRX1491435113ID -

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.34223.0 0)
  • Microsoft Store

Es erfolgte bereits eine Kontaktaufnahme mit dem Support von Microsoft, das Ticket lautete:

Das Problem ist, sobald ein gespeichertes Spiel geladen werden soll, erscheint die Meldung “Failed to load game”. Der Speicherstand ist nicht mehr nutzbar.

Wird ein neues Spiel gestartet und man speichert dies, funktioniert der Speicherstand ein paar Tage, nach ein paar Tagen erscheint wieder die Meldung “Failed to load game”.

Die Speicherstände sind allerdings vorhanden. Wird versucht, den Speicherstand nochmals zu laden, erscheint nicht die Meldung “Failed to load game”, sondern das Spiel stürzt komplett ab und wird beendet.

Ich habe bereits das Spiel neu installiert, dies hat leider zu keinen Erfolg geführt.

There was already contact with Microsoft support, the ticket was:

The problem is, as soon as a saved game should be loaded, the message “Failed to load game” appears. The save status can no longer be used.

If a new game is started and this is saved, the save status works for a few days, after a few days the message “Failed to load game” appears again.

However, the saves are available. If an attempt is made to reload the save state, the “Failed to load game” message does not appear, but the game crashes completely and is ended.

I have already reinstalled the game, unfortunately this has not been successful.


I have the same problem.

Attempting to load a game save first gives an error message which says it cannot load the game, second attempt crashes the game.

This started happening to me after banking maybe 10 hours of gameplay in total.

I’ve seen other posts on about this dating back to November 19: Load saved game failled

I can’t find a response from Microsoft or any fix. It also doesn’t appear as a known bug as of yet.

I’ll reinstall the game and update.
*reinstall didn’t help.

Eine Neuinstallation hilft leider nicht, das hatte ich auch probiert.

Der Support bei Microsoft bestätigte, dass es sich um ein Problem im Spiel handelt. Hoffentlich wird dieses behoben.

A new installation does not help, I had tried that too. Microsoft support confirmed that this was an issue in the game. Hopefully this will be fixed.

Alright, friends! The team has got back to me and have a request for two things if you are experiencing this issue:

  • The save game file. If you have a specific save that is failing to load, we’d love to pass it to our team.
    • It should be located in a folder with this structure: C:\Users\pc\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE<Your User ID>\savegame
    • If you could, please upload the files to a Google Drive or OneDrive folder and then share the link. I will download it from there and pass them to the team.
  • A copy of your dxdiag.txt. If you can generate a file and zip it up with the save game, that will be most helpful!

I’ll get this information to our Test team so they can figure out what might be happening, so let me know what you have and I’ll see what we can do to help! :slight_smile:

Hello and thanks for the answer.

I am very excited to see if a solution is found to this problem.

Unfortunately the Savegames + dxdiag.txt cannot be uploaded to the forum, which is why I uploaded them to File Dropper, the Savegames + dxdiag.txt can be downloaded here:

Best regards


Thank you very much @Jericko9694! I’ve passed the files to our QA team!

Thank you very much. I’m very excited to see how this bug can be fixed.

I have purchased die DE version after I have played couple of hours the HD version…all save games are gone in the DE version and scenario progress as well. Even I cant see the saved games and scenario progress in the DE version. Any fix?