Farm reskins?

I’ve been playing with the Halloween Pumpkin Patch farm reskin mod and I love it. Not good for every situation, but I’m trying to see if someone built other farm skins? Vineyards? Corn fields for American games? I’ve never seen a Sorghum Farm but sorghum doesn’t look like wheat, versus potatoes, versus tropical fruit.

If people haven’t made them, they haven’t made them. But maybe I haven’t found them here. Maybe they’re somewhere else, maybe they were made but they were all made for Age of Empires II HD and I would need to port them or something.

RTS are very much a guy’s genre but I’m a girl and I like pretty things and eye-catching things so stuff like good farm reskins light up the ‘OOOH PRETTY!’ center in my brain and it does nothing for the gameplay except immersion which is only important in campaigns.

But if you could help a lady pimp out her agriculture wardrobe for all seasons, it would be a real treat.


Honestly, I’d rather go beyond just mods with this, and have the devs add an assortment of farms into the scenario editor, especially corn and vineyards. An idea I had a while ago would be for Burgundian farms to graphically change to vineyards as well after researching the UT, just to make it apparent for all players when it has come in. If the devs did that, then it would be possible to mod what you see as your default farm.


I would LOVE that!

And honestly, I was hoping that would happen in the Burgundian campaign. Wouldn’t be cool if it applied to the farm regardless of if stolen or not the way say Slavic bonuses are (Spirit of the Law has videos on farm stealing but there are hidden rules that stay attached to all kinds of buildings based on who built them, their civ bonuses and researched bonus at time of construction).

So you could STEAL a Burgundian vineyard! When it exhausts, it reverts but until then you get food AND gold!
It would also add great map variety for campaigns!

So…how does one petition the devs in a way that is effective? Cause I also desperately want more options on the tower and castle line. Mostly:
prioritize siege/non-siege
Fire on neutrals: none/only military/everyone
Fire on clerics/villagers/both/none
Stop attacking current target (so you don’t wipe the whole wall)

It would make it So much easier to not have to babysit the castles. And in the last one all you need is to give the tower line the T hotkey to stop. It JUST needs to be put in.

I think this suggestion would be popular among SP players who can use the pause button and have story reasons not to shoot at anything that moves. But also units having a don’t attack buildings toggle I would LOVE without having to set other factions neutral, which isn’t always an option in campaigns and campaign mods.

So I will try and reach out, but I don’t know how. Yet

Just don’t make a petition, it’s against the rules of the forums, and could get you in trouble with the mods.

All right, what else can I do? I just got the game in January. I so new I don’t know what else to do.

I’m not sure, there isn’t really a way to request anything from the devs. The best I can do is ping @IkoKnight8151, and ask them to pass something along to the team.

OK, I guess. Can we make personal gripe threads or something? Cause I got those…like I get not having cannon galleons before the 13th century or so but for Gothic campaign what about reskinning the CG as a Catapult Galleon for the Home of Our own scenario halve the damage and increase the rate of fire by a quarter so it plays like an inferior predecessor to the CG even though it technically is the same unit.

It’s not a petition, but it is discussion.

you can make a poll. those are allowed. i think putting something in the general discussion area generate more traffic than in the modding section

i also like it a lot, there’s only a few event skins that i like and the pumpkin patch is one of them

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I know it’s stupid but the Floral Arrows has a gameplay utility. It makes every arrow into a dart and makes them STUPIDLY easy to track.

Now the floral explosions I have no excuse but I’m not taking it out.

I don’t like the flower arrows, so I don’t use it, but gunpowder tracer is literally a competitive advantage, so it should be an option in the base game.


Gunpowder tracer? Never heard of it. Gonna look that up. Also posted a discussion about I think monks should be able to use rams and petards siege ladders and my experiences as to why. Not petition but a change my my mind, cause that might have serious play balance issues

Let me plug my farm reskin mod here.


Thank you! Which one do you think works best with Burgundy Vineyards?

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Nice! It’s kind of like a lighter version of the farms from the alpha version of AoK:

It’s just one farm texture, the other textures shown in the preview are the building animation.


The only main farm texture is the one on the right side (the others are the ‘growing’ animation like Tommo said.
But I could make some variations for the main farm textures with separate mods.
It would be cool if we could have random ingame variations of farms, like with the houses, but I don’t think it’s possible.

awesome thanks, going to try it now

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