Farmers stop working on farms that still have food

Game Version:

  • Build 35199
  • Steam version


Farmers are stop working on farms with plenty of food, moving to the center of the farm, and staying there. At the moment they stop working on them, the “farm exhausted” sound plays. If the player clicks on the farm, ordering the villager to continue to work on it, he stand next to it and does nothing. The only solution is to delete the farm, even if the player had just built it, and order the villager to build a new one.

Reproduction Steps:

This situation happens randomically with no apparent cause.


Happens to me too. I have to send them to do something else, and sometime later send someone to the bug farm again.


Yes. Recently it happened to me too. The current villager would not reseed/rebuild its farm, but using another villager to do the same thing fixes it.


For me, unfortunately, selecting a different villager doesn’t work :confused:

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Randomness is killing me… The fact that it prevents me from reporting the bugs I found is actually annoying. Not knowing when exactly bugs happen is even worse! :angry:

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In The Battle of Actium (Imperium Romanum campaign), this issue is very common, even when having lots of Wood.

Thank you for the report! I’ve added this bug to our investigation list!


Some farmers stop working for no reason, even when automatic reseeding is enabled and there’s plenty of wood to keep going.


Similar but different. Build 38862 - desktop.
Farmers stop farming (end of farm sound), and cannot enter farm (walks around it, as if it were a building). Screenshot taken right after building all of those farms. One villager still active. Cannot re-assign, they just dont enter the farms any longer. Tried a new game. Same.

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When more than one farmer tries to work on a farm, none of them end up doing it:
FarmswithFood (2)