Aggressive stance, attack move and attack command issues

Game version:

  • Build: 46777
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating system: Windows 10


Units do not always start attacking when conditions are properly met in order to do. That is:

  • Diplomacy set to “enemy”
  • Enemy withing line of sight/range
  • Manually commanding to attack specific targets


  • An axeman of mine did not automatically fight back when being under attack by another melee unit. Manually telling the axeman to defend himself did not change anything behavior-wise (similarly to farmers that suddenly stopped working on their farms and were manually commanded to resume, yet they didn’t).
  • A bowman did not attack a cavalry nor a hoplite that was right in front of him (not automatically, not after commanding an attack move, and not when manually commanding him to attack).
  • A trirreme did not attack its nearby enemy buildings (yes, withing range, aggressive stance and enemy diplomacy towards the other player). I commanded attack moves, and took me several attempts for the ship to actually start attacking.
  • Once I had another trireme not automatically attack an enemy fishing ship in other scenario; my ship appeared to be idle/inactive, and only started attacking when I changed its former location/positioning.


  • Reduced space may have something to do with this bug, although it has happened with plenty of space too;
  • Most of these bugs happened during the Glory of Greece campaign;
  • I did not use any cheats.
  • I am not sure if these issues are limited to the units above, or can affect the entirety of units and towers as well.
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These bugs are a particular concern to me, as I don’t recall experiencing them in former builds of the game.

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I haven’t this bugs, except sometimes with the villagers.

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There is a chance that they only happen during the campaign, though I cannot confirm that.

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I did not encounter the bug there either. Probably luck.

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After landing my military units on enemy land (Voices of Babylon campaign, scenario 2 “Tigris Valley”), none began to attack automatically, even with several cavalry units directly attacking them:

  • I was NOT using passive stance on any of my units.
  • Diplomacy was set to ENEMY towards brown player.

You mean, villagers not obeying a direct order to attack an objective, or having villagers not getting attacked by military units/towers?

I mean the villager-farm bug.

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Forgot to say this bug happened with my hand to hand chariots.

The most recent time I had this bug was with axemen having enemy priests converting them, without my units doing nothing to counter that. The irony is that, after that, when I tried placing new units next to brown team’s to replicate the issue so I could record the game, mine did start fighting back! :man_facepalming:

Build 46777 still:
When playing Lord of the Euphrates scenario, I managed to spot a couple of enemy units having this same issue; they wouldn’t fight back! Units affected were chariots, cavalrymen and axemen, though I don’t think it’s limited to unit types.