Fauna Mistakes on European Maps

Many of the European maps are populated by herds of animals that are either incorrectly named are not native to Europe at all. Many deer species have different names across the Atlantic so the confusion is understandable.

Elk → Red Deer

Elk (Wapiti) are from North America and Asia and do not exist in Europe. The animal that Europeans would call an “Elk” is what is known as a Moose in North America. If Elk get removed from Europe, the Moose on those maps could then be called Elk.

The closest European animal to the Elk/Wapiti is the Red Deer. Red Deer are similar to Elk, but they are smaller and lack the darker colouration around the head. A name change and touch up to the colour would be all it takes to add Red Deer.


Caribou → Reindeer

Caribou is the North American name for the animal that Europeans call Reindeer. They should be called Reindeer on maps outside of North America.


This is just nitpicking, but it would be nice if the Wisent model was slightly different from the Bison model. They are actually a different species that are smaller and leaner.

← Wisent
← Bison


Aurochs survived into the 1600s in Poland, so a herd of them could be present on the Vistula Basin map.

Wild Boar

This needs its own proper model. Right now it uses the Warthog model which does not look right at all.

image ← Wild Boar
image ← Warthog

Other Treasure Guardians

  • Wolverines and Lynx could be weak guardians on lots of maps including Europe.

  • The “Gunman” guardian could be called a Footpad to be more specific.

  • “Mutinous ___” could be used to describe some of the military unit guardians. “Marauding ___” seems a bit overused.

  • The average European treasure is also pretty underwhelming, so some better options/distribution would be nice.


Those are good points. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if many of those were already in a list to be fixed down the line and were just left there to meet the launch deadline. If not I wholeheartedly hope that the powers that be are listening to what you say.


I also believe that some (if not many) North American biomes were reused for European maps. But this has already happened with some TAD maps like siberia that uses the same ‘ice great lakes’ styles (I hope that in the future it will have a more own style).

I think here they could take some inspiration from the terrains of AOE-4 for the European maps.

I’m actually not sure if they use the same North American terrain styles, or are just similar.

I think it was a pretty aggressive animal XD. Maybe it could be hunted like the boars in AOE-2 where they can attack and kill workers if you don’t micromanage them right.