Favourite Dead Strategy?

I was reminiscing about one of my old favourite strategies. Back when Rise of the Rajas first released and Bog Islands was a somewhat popular map, my favourite civ was the Malay. I’d tech into Castle Age, research Thalassocracy and start the glorious Harbor rush. It was amazing. Unfortunately it only really worked on Bog Islands and is basically dead now and decided to put my opinion into the internet.

What’s your favourite long-since dead strategy you miss?


Inca Villager boxing. :sob:


Wall FC on Arabia. :stuck_out_tongue:


Korean Tower rush.
(20 Char)


Khmer Battle Elephant spam in BF
Dead courtesy unnecessary nerfs…

Oh and yeah do you remember Cuman Steppe Lancers guys? Yeah that strategy was especially effective

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Funny, it certainly works well enough at the pro level… not sure how that makes it dead

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Forward full trash and towers in feudal.

It’s not completely dead but it’s certainly not meta, I’ll try It with dravidians and buffed towers when l’ll but the DLC

Goth Spam. Not that it’s dead to everyone, but the power creep of supplies, tons of new super-infantry civs and tons of units with huskarl-like pierce armor put it at B-Tier at best.

Goths performed insanely in RageForest3 and were the most feared civ in the tournament (alongwith Mongols)
They dont make Champs as the core of their army at all.
They go full Halbs, almost all the time
90% of all their units were always halbs in every game they were in with a few Huskarls sometimes.

I don’t know much about the tourney settings. What is there about it that favors that kind of play? BC historically Goths are not picked much for pro tourneys at all (I remember a couple years ago Tatoh picked them because civs got used up throughout the tournament, but he just used them to kill boars on the outer area, and sling his teammates.

The only map played in that tournament is Black Forest.

The Khmer are my favourite civ so I think any nerf to them is bad. They should rule AoE2!

Yeah I don’t really like the way they’ve reworked the Koreans. It feels like their uniqueness has been thrown out.


Double Castle Arambai. Oh the glory days of a now almost pointless unit. it was a lot of fun xD I’ll try it again once the DLC comes out lol


Scout rush and forward skirm probably, used to be very popular , now it still can be used in some situations but the more the time the more archer defensive plays are used

Now people just go for Archers or wait for 2 Knights to clean EVERYTHING from feudal in Castle Age

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By next week: Indian light cav.

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Probably the Double Castle Arambai because it required 0 skill and effort.

Building the pre-AOE2DE towers at a faster speed than Spanishs felt cheaper than the actual autoarmored WW (Koreans are my second played civ)

Maybe after the balance patch it becomes somehow popular again. Even if they dont have extra range without UT, Koreans still have 2 bonuses for trushes (stone + villager LOS). I keep rushing sometimes in certain maps, although I feel more comfortable doing maa into archers

But you can do it with War Wagons and Organ Guns :rofl: