Feature Request: Save game during a replay, then load or restore the game from a save and play!

  1. Go to Replays, pick an SP or MP replay, and replay it.
  2. Replay like you normally would.
  3. NEW: At some point, pause, go to menu and save the game.
  4. Quit the game and go back to main menu.
  5. NEW: Restore in MP. Allow to restore a game from the save.
    • Allow any player pick any slot. That means I could assume the control of my opponent.
    • Allow to assign AI to some slots.
    • Allow some slots to be not taken. If only 2 players restore a 4 player match, and AI is not assigned to the remaining two players, the unused 2 players will auto-surrender the moment the game loads (as if they were real players whose connection dropped).
  6. NEW: Restore in SP. Same mechanics as above.

This would be awesome for training. Testing strategies and counters. Especially after a lost match to see if you could do something different. Or in a team match, where I can assume a role of one of the opponents and control the army they made, so my teammate can test different strategies against this unit composition. There’s so many possibilities here.


Actually i would love to see this feature, to be honest.

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Totally great idea, we can also resume downloaded replays from pro ones and play our own game and will improve gaming skills.

but i think it is technically impossible.

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This could be very helpful!
Great idea!

That’s a great idea, It could be very helpful for practising certain situations.

Exactly. If an enemy rushes me with archers and I lose, I’d like to replay from the moment I’m attacked and try different defense strategies against my friend.


Another benefit of this is dealing with games that crash. Multiplayer is buggy and internet / servers cut out. Short competitive games may not be such a big deal / harder to resume, but when playing with friends and a long treaty it’s very frustrating when you’ve just finished booming your economy, you’re ready for some epic battles, and … out of sync error.

This functionality already exists in simpler form in AOC/HD

Huh. So that’s not only a feature request, but a “give us this feature back request”.

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