Feature suggestion: Gather waypoints instead of gather points

What the title says. Maybe you want your military to take a longer route to the gather point because of enemy buildings shooting them down or giving information about your military. Sometimes AI with access to bombard towers makes 5000 of them all along the path making it extremely time consuming to bring them down without bombard cannons.

With gather waypoints, you can set waypoints to your final gather point; allowing you to dictate what route your military will take.

I know you can simply have the gather point somewhere close to your base and then command them using waypoints. But this would be a nice QOL addition to the game.


supreme commander had something like this i think, either way would be nice…

not sure how this community feels about QOL changes atm though… they’ll probably shoot you down or ignore

Specially useful for raiding with hussars. Waypoints to flank fortifications would prove to be more efficient than building stables in random map corners to dodge walls and/or castles.

It could also be useful if you wanted to sent a villager to a resource but wanted to make sure that they went a specific route before gathering it.

Could even be combined with the shift build queue so that a villager can be ordered to build two houses after being created.

Would be nice to have a hotkey for keepings created units inside their buildings instead of manualy have to select each buildings, then left click on it especialy when you have them on a ctrl group.
It will be useful when you are under attack in your town’ i see so many times units been throw away because of militaries gathers points hasn t been changed.

I like the idea (as you can see in the Age of Salamanders scenario :grin:)

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