Feitora card vs Sumptuary Laws

In brief, these two cards are available in Age I and provide trickles from various resources.

Here are the trickles for Sumptuary Laws. A fixed amount, independent of buildings.

Feitoras trickles are dependent on having a TC, and multiply by the number of TCs. Because you are Portugal, you are expected to have at least the following:

Meaning that by Age I you get a total of 1.5 trickles, Age II 3 and Age III (which you will commonly see as Portugal because of their strong FF) you get 4.5 resources for second. In comparison you get 1.2 resource trickle in every age with Sumptuary Laws; yes it considers export but export even tho the trickle is worth multiple villagers, that number is distorted because of how little export vills gather in the first place (you can consult my export analysis thread for more information).

I think there is a strong case here to buff Sumptuary Laws in some way and perhaps we will even see it in the meta because of its usefulness, just like Feitora. The effect would be amplified by the fact that more than one civ possesses this card.

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They could buff it to 0.6 food trickle and leave the rest the same. Feitorias is essential for ports without that card they go straight back to D tier for another year.


creo que te respondi en otro hilo xd sobre que se podria hacer para buffear la carta de leyes santuarias, pero sin la necesidad de nerfear la carta de los portugueses.

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Me gustó mucho tu sugerencia, agradecería que la puedas repostear aquí para que la lean todos los interesados en este tema :slight_smile:

com Portugal prefiro pegar ‘‘teoria econômica 10%’’ do que essa carta de gotejamento muito inútil na minha opinião

un buff que podrian hacerle a la carta de leyes santuarias es Aumentar el goteo de recursos y el limite de construcción de los monasterios y que estos a su vez tengan ese goteo
(sin necesidad de nerfear feitorias)

Monasterios aumentan su limite en +2 (3 en total)
y sus ###### serian de 2,5 de comida 1,75 de oro y 1,50 de madera por segundo)
la carta de los indios que es en equipo aumenta el limite de creación de los edificios religiosos en +1 pero el goteo solo afectara a las civs asiaticas.

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Just cap the Feitoras card at 3 TCs max.
There is no need to buff Sumptuary Laws. It will just affect the balance of the game which is already messed up.

Feitorias is mandatory for Portugal in the absence of 4+ TP’s to play for or fishies. Else, playing Portugal is like boxing with an already broken arm. Sure you can win, but you shouldn’t win.

Sumptuary laws isn’t mandatory for Japan. Japan has strats and options. HOWEVER, Portugal’s need for a similar thing, shouldn’t deprive Japan of being able to use their thing, which isn’t usable presently.

I agree. Buff it. If it’s as “good” as 1.4 TC Feitorias I think it’d be viable without obsoleting the 2 villager card.

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oh wow dejemos en el olvido a portugal x1 año más por esa sugerencia


Indian Sumptuary laws is the most useless card in the game, I would change it to Xp/Export/Influence trickle depending on civ.


Another topic that could benefit from a poll. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sumptuary Laws need a Buff?
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Need a Nerf.

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I already did a survey on the Feitorias card, so I will limit myself to doing a survey for the Sumptuary Laws card.