Feitorias Nerf Suggestion

The current trickle is 0.6 food and 0.3 of all other resources for each TC. This essentially gives ports an extra fully upgraded factory for having maxed TCs which is massive. I think an acceptable nerf would be give 0.3 food and 0.15 for all other resources at base and then an extra 0.3 food and 0.15 F/C/XP for every TC you have (this includes your starting TC). This way it keeps it keeps its same punch in age 1 but doesn’t scale so drastically as the game goes on.


Personally, I don’t think it needs a nerf, but since it’s a proposal, I think it would be best to use a survey, let me help with that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Feitoria needs a nerf?
  • Dapsley’s proposal.
  • Yes needs a nerf
  • No need a nerf

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I hope this helps everyone to give their opinion and comment on their opinions. :smile:


The other solution I’ve heard is removing the XP trickle. That would be a bit less drastic a hit to the card’s overall output while still addressing the problematic boost in your xp curve.

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Portugal still underperforms though.

could just remove the 2 tc wagon card in age 4 and the card that gives 2 tc build limit, that eliminates half the effects of feitorias without affecting it and it will only impact the lategane

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It’s only been 2 weeks and already y’all wanna take away the one thing that makes Portugal Portuguese? Meanwhile some civs have had OP stuff for 15 years and the only reason nobody says anything is because it’s status quo (like Brits getting 1 villager per house, Morutaru and Ashigaru Daimyo dropping, etc.).


the only problem occurs when you max out on 12 tcs so its more of a TC problem then a feitoria problem.

just reducing the maximum number of TCs possible is enough


na para mi estan bien con sus 12 centros urbanos, cual es la idea de nerfearlos tanto? su ejercito en si no es destacable y necesitan de muchas cartas para hacer rentable su ejercito, literal esa carta es de las pocas cosas que hacen funcional a portugal ahora mismo

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Maybe sending the card completely changes the model to a Feitoria building and instead of getting a feitoria wagan every age up they get one every other age up.

I don’t really like the removal of a unique Card like Donatários. Removing both the 2 TC wagons in Age 4 and the TC wagon in Age 3 card will be more then enough.

No need to change anything its perfect as it is. Dont even remove the tc wagons/additional TC limit. To build an additional TC would cost 500 wood which would take 7 minutes to pay off, which is WAY more than fair of a trade off.


Yeah i don’t think it is as good as 3 vills. Unless you make a lot of TCs which rarely happens. And opponent let you make so many tcs they are probably bad. Just deserve to lose.


Feitoras is fine and a great addition to the game, I think that more cards like Sumpturary Laws that have a similar role should have the same impact.

The nerf I would propose is having the trickles cap at 3 Town Centers

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That doesnt apply in treaty where the trickles works out to another 20res/sec at 13TCs max so its pretty disgusting.

Early game agreed nothing really needs to change, its not even that good as a going first card.

But you do need to level off its lategame stacking

Perhaps what is really needed is a separate balance method for treaty games.

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This is a good idea.

I’d propose it stops at 4 town centres, that way you still get the benefits from your normal age up town centres but sending all the tc wagons and aditional tc cards doesn’t become unbalanced in treaty.

That option should be explored for sure, but I don’t know dude, with 3 TCs they already get the same total as if you build Porcelain Tower in Age IV (split into all resources), while benefiting from it from almost from the beginning of the game (not at its fullest but still) and in Age III.

Eso es lo que tenia pensado en un inicio que la carta de feitorias habilitara el edificio unico portugues

Feitorias limite de creación 5: edificio de producción de recursos portugues
Produce: 2 de comida 1 de oro y 1 de madera por segundo
El edificio posee 3 mejoras
Producción de materias primas: aumenta en un 50% la producción de las feitorias
3 de comida 1,5 de madera y oro por segundo
Paredes reforzadas: aumenta los puntos de resistencia de las feitorias y les da un pequeño ataque a distancia (Feitorias +25% de hp y agrega un daño a distancia de 30)
Expanción comercial: Aumenta el limite de creación de las feitorias (en +1 o +2)

el costo de este edificio seria de 250 de comida, madera y oro (750 de recursos en total)
La carta de feitorias las habilitaria y a su vez te enviaria una carreta de feitoria (pero no se si eso llegue a ocurrir) en caso de que les guste esta idea podrian preservarlo sino no pasa nada

un buff que podrian hacerle a la carta de leyes santuarias es Aumentar el goteo de recursos y el limite de construcción de los monasterios y que estos a su vez tengan ese goteo

Monasterios aumentan su limite en +2 (3 en total)
y sus ###### serian de 2,5 de comida 1,75 de oro y 1,50 de madera por segundo)
la carta de los indios que es en equipo aumenta el limite de creación de los edificios religiosos en +1 pero el goteo solo afectara a las civs asiaticas.

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