Feitoria Idea

  1. Feitoria cost 250w and 250g, resource is halved and only take up 10 populations.
  2. Feitoria can be used to drop off resource and can garrison up to 15 villagers Each villager garrisoned produces .16F .1w .07g .03s per second.
    I don’t know I thought this would be cool I guess and nerf fast-imp Feitoria, also it puts more emphasize on stone generation by removing the stone cost.

Feitorias used to cost wood originally instead of stone. I doubt they change it back after all these years

Are you suggesting both or just one?

Both. (character quota)

And will ungarrisoned Feitoria still produce free resource? Otherwise I see this as a big buff? This will ruin water game play even more.

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they produce half the resources, but I see your point since Vills will eventually become useless on water maps. I would just give trees on water maps 150w

Your Proposal doesn’t adress the problem of infinete ressources of all types at all.
It makes it even worse in the long run as your garrisoned vills give 50 % more ressources (or even 100 % i terms of pop efficiency). At the same time the eco is as well protected against hussar raids as it is currently which is the next problem with feitorias, their insane raid protection.

Several Months ago I made a different proposal here, adressing some of the major issues with the current feitoria design:

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That will make water maps, even non-Portuguese lengthier and more boring.

as opposed to stalemate into running out of resource into draw

On second thought i really don’t care what happens to the water meta if it becomes Portuguese mirrors where both players fast imp into feitoria and then they trade with navy until one of their parents ground them, that’s not my issue.

Feitoria definitly need a rework, and the big focus behind this change should be to give Portuguese more balance between water and land map. A way to do it could be :

Portuguese :

  • Feitoria is available in Castle age but is limit to 1 / Take 10. Pop space / Cost reduce to 200 gold 200 stone / Size decrease (4x4)

  • Castle age UT change : +1/+1 armor for ships is replace with “increasing Feitoria work rate by 50%” 300 food 250 gold

It would as intended nerf their water a bit (no extra armor in Castle Age after the UT / no more infinite Feitoria), but in a descent way as their ships are already more resistant without their UT and fix the problem of late game Feitoria being OP.

And on the other side buff Feitoria for a more rounded use for land map, giving a usefull economic boost in Castle Age as Portuguese desperatly need one. All the changes (cost/pop space/UT) aim to make it more efficient and worth building it for Portuguese, without making go out of control with the limitation.

It should’nt be broken as the ressources generation is still rather slow, and give them the opportunity to go either semi all in Castle Age with a Feitoria (with a 200 stone cost you can build it without mining stone) or amplified their booming strategy.

I know a lot of people probably don’t like to hear that, but if even the current design of feitoria was moved to castle age it would immediately become meta to just add feitorias at this stage, no extra tcs.
The Pay-off is about 3 minutes with the current feitoria design, this is faster than a vill in castle age (Food is extremely valueable at this stage).
Even if it would hurt pop efficiency in the long run, it would make it so easy with that to make a fimp after adding the feitorias that this basically doesn’t matter at all.

Ofc a limitation to 1 feitoria could somewhat balance this, but this would in the aftermath only mean that there would be a standard meta with feitorias: FC and add that Feitoria asap.

That’s why in my design promoted to increase the effective cost and building time slightly to increase the pay-off to about 4 minutes, which would make TC plays more revarding in the long run than adding the feitoria right away.

Especially a boost to the income in form of a tech could be really problematic aswell as a reduction of the occupied pop space. The reduced pop efficiency of the feitoria always was some part of the tradeoff to be taken when going for it and I would actually like to leave this tradeoff.

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