Find and Cycle Units & Buildings should be separated

Hey devs, hey guys,

in my opinion u should split these option in two ones. Because some player would only produce units without jumping to the selected buildings without using control groups. But on the other hand player would jump to the units when they aren´t in a control group too.

For example: I use the Hotkey: Select all production buildings (so I dont need a control group for these) and my camera view is in the middle of the map. I want to set my rally point of these production buildings to that place and want to keep my view.
But I have 5 prelates out there and I would use the hotkey “cycle through reliquios units” (the arent in a controll group either). In that case I want to jump to these units.

I know there is a workaround when u use control groups, but control groups are limited.

What do u think?


Yes, I suggested that a while ago, but with so much time, I had to learn to adapt.

The “select all” hotkeys should work like control groups - a single press to select without changing the view, and a 2nd press to change the view.

For the “cycle through” hotkeys, this approach can’t be used, as there would be no way to cycle between two things without changing the view. The only way to allow someone to cycle through without changing the view, or cycle through with changing the view, is to allow 2 different hotkeys to be defined. For example, when I cycle through idle villagers, I pretty much never want to change the view, as I’m usually looking at where I want to make use of them and it’s really annoying to have to move the view back every time I cycle to the next one. But in your case, with prelates, you do want to change the view each time, so it needs two different hotkeys for these two operations.

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Agreed! I made a post about this here a few weeks ago: [Feature request] Separate behavior for find and cycle units & buildings