Finding sound resources

Hello! I’m trying to find and extract some sound files from the game, namely the lines spoken by the units in the “The Last Khans” expansion and couldn’t find it.
I found a tutorial that explained how to do for in previous versions of the game. Not sure if links to external resources are allowed, so pasting it here:

  • Search for Mining Camp in AGE at Units (id: 584)
  • Scroll down and you see sounds - you need Selection Sounds (447)
  • Switch to Sounds and in the 447 sound you can see mcamp.wav (this used for aoeHD) and the DRS code: 5926
  • With Turtle Pack open the sounds.drs and you just have to find the 5926

I’m able to find the said sound file in HD (in fact it’s even easier because there is a file called 5926.wav in the sound folder), but I’m not able to do so in DE.

First of all, the “selection sound” shows two number - 1910256896 and 447 and the “sound” tab is completely empty.

Now, I figured out that all the sound files are in AoE2DE\wwise\SFX.bnk file. I tried to extract it with different tools found in this forum and in the Internet but the file names of .wem files seem to be completely different numbers.
While playing these extracted files I can confirm that the unit speech sounds are there, it’s just that I don’t know the exact file names of the files I need and going through more than four thousand files is just too cumbersome.

I’m missing something here?

P.S. I need this because I want to update the “In-game dialogue language” section of Tatars and Cumans in Age of Empires Wikia and it will be more convenient to listen to these speeches in a media player, rather than in game.

Does this help?


Thanks a lot, the spreadsheet linked in this guide surely does.

For information:
Numbers for unit speech are in “Audio Sources - Speech” list, Lithuanians file (first column) start with 84, Cuman - 83, Tatar - 82, Bulgarian -81

Although it’s still not clear which sounds corresponds to what, it is much less files to work with.
Moreover the author of the guide, who is also a gamedev from Forgotten Empires states that

We are aware of the issues with modding SFX right now, and are pleased to let you know we are going to be switching to a newer system starting with the next update.

Hola,puedes ayudarme ?
Quiero agregar y extraer archivos “SLP” o DRs" de age of empires 2 hd "rise of rajas,forgotten,African K) .
Yo sé hacerlo en AOE2 clásico usando turtle pack y genie editor, .Pero no sé cómo hacerlo en el HD por qué no se donde buscar y no sé si deba usar otros programas herramienta ! Puedes ayudarne?

Sorry, I don’t know :slightly_frowning_face: