Fish traps in AoE3? Or regenerating fish?

What do we do once we run out of fish in the water. Delete my fishing boats?

I wonder if we could have fish traps instead. Could be just like a mill - a slow water based source of food should you choose to not delete your fishing boats. Gather rate is the same as that of the mill.

A fish trap could allow 10 boats to gather from it infinitely. Maybe it should cost 400w to build, and have upgrades that increase gather rate.

Or we could have fish sources respawning a little while after being depleted?


I like the idea about fish traps.

Maybe 200 wood per trap and 4 boats on it since the boats are usually bigger and less than settlers and the area of water smaller than land.

Whales are infinite. Any maps that don’t have whales probably aren’t worth a big investment in fishing boats. Maybe a shipment that sends fish to your water flag could be an option.

The only action that gives any benefits is sending them as meat (wood) shields in front of naval attack group to soak up a bit of damage from shore defenses - buildings or enemy cannons/other ranged units placed there. Their destruction grants XP to the enemy, so at least that’s something, I guess.

With infinite food sources (farms, factories, fire pit rituals) maybe before infinite water source I’d like to see a new tech that allows using fishing boats in combat. Some kind of retrofitting that strengthens them a bit and adds like two archers or riflemen. It might be interesting to go heavy into fishing boats early on and then transition them to clear out enemy warships.
I’m sure it can be balanced with tech cost, and their relatively weak attack.

with all the water cards in the game already, if there are fishing traps added then this will make water exceptionally OP. case closed move on to another topic


It exists, armed fisherman, asian civs has it. I prefer that fish regenarates randomly on water with time, keeping the same amount of fish on the map of course.

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There could also be special niches. One that is exhaustible like the one now and another infinite like the whales, but that allows more fishermen (maybe 8 at a time (?)).

On freshwater maps it would be good, since there are no whales. For example, the Amazon could have infinite sources of fishing.

Regeneration would be nice too, but having it only available once fully regenerates.

Not if they are only a few specific points as it happens with the whales, but instead of giving coins, it grants food.

On the amazon or great lakes map there could be infinite fish concentrations that give -10% than ordinary fishing in the early game to give priority to ordinary fishing, but then pair with normal fishing in the imperial era( That is, the -10% disappears).

In a map like the Amazon we could have Arapaimas: Arapaima - Wikipedia

In the great lakes there could be pike: Northern pike - Wikipedia

It could be harvested by 2 fishing boats at once, but it would appear twice as often as whales.

I’d like to see more cards like mexico’s card to ship a whale, maybe have more variations of this so cards that ship fish to the water shipment point, a 2 whale card late game etc