If you could include new mechanics, features or functions in AOE-3, what would you implement?

I think we should have “arcade matchmaking” from time to time. Every month or so we’d change the rules:
Things like: premade decks, some staple cards removed, legacy civs only, euro civs only, blind civs, your opponent picks your civ…etc

  1. Or use only pillars at the beginning and end of the wall, and when building a door.

I don’t know why this hasn’t been added yet. Age of empires 2: DE has this very same mechanics. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


… Or random civilization and separate ranking points for each civilization, just like SC-2 does

Madera para todos

Se que esto es mas una reinvención de una mecánica existente.

Quiero esto en la edad industrial y para todas las civilizaciones.

Un envió infinito de plantación de arboles en la edad industrial.
Útil para tratado y FFA

Corrales y Ganado

Creo que el ganado podría generar algo de oro mientras engorda.
Todo el ganado tiene una forma de generar oro.

Ovejas. Lana
Llamas. Lana
Pollos. huevos
Vacas. Leche
Cabras. Leche

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Algo como esto.


Torres integradas a los muros
Torres de disparo (Actualizable con mas daño)
Torres de cañón (Mas alcance y causa daño de asedio)
No mas centros de muralla innecesarios

i would add quick tournament lobby 1vs1 or 2vs2, when any player can join, and play.
A lobby for tournaments, where the only thing to do is to join to the lobby , something like “sit and go”, where the player plays 1vs1 or 2vs2 with his partner and wait for others players to play agaisnt them, and the result is displayed on a table for tournament.

or the option to make a league in the same way


pretty sure you already can

They can be organized by age or by building.

In AOE-4 the sheep that you meet on the map follow your explorer. Could you add this function in AOE-3 as well? It is very useful!.

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I would implement a new game mode all cards, in which you don’t use a pre build deck, instead you have direct access to the deck building ui and can sent any card in existence to the civ


How about an infinite 12 Bison shipment ?
Or something like a Mongol Pasture that spawns Bisons ?

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My mod removes the ability to farm or use estates by the Lakota and instead has them passively spawn bison over time from their town centers.

That’s the solution I went with. Reliance on cards for your ability to gather a single resource is not interactive or fun, so I heavily dislike forcing an infinite shipment of bison into the deck of players.

I have yet to figure out how to give them the ability to gather coin, however. My temporary solutions are not that interesting.

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On water maps where whales don’t make sense, it would be nice to add an infinite food source. Specific places to put fish traps or something like that.

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In the future there could be natives or local populations dedicated to the sea or to trade:

For example, native towns that are located on the shores of rivers / seas / lakes and allying with them will allow you to receive experience of the aquatic trade route, you can create fishing boats, and you can create military ships. 3 benefits in one with a single TP. For example on a map of the Mediterranean Sea.

If in the future a DLC of the Middle East and / or more Asian civilizations is introduced, there could be hybrid TPs between the native trading post and the route trading post, which would be located on the trade route, (silk road for example). We would have 2 benefits in one (XP + native Allies).

There could also be infinite sources of currency on some maps, similar to whales, but this time it would be mines (It could be some kind of underground digging), with a limit of 8 villagers.

For freshwater maps such as the Amazon, there could be infinite food sources that allow 2 fishing boats, since there are no whales on these types of maps. There could also be both sources on some maps (whales + infinite fishing).

There could also be some type of infinite food sources such as some type of special berry, or some fruit tree (in Yucatan avocado trees for example)

On European maps, there could be catchable areas (like the castle of ‘King of the hill’ would be captured) that could grant passive economic benefits, such as cattle villages where you will receive free cows or sheep every certain amount of time, or agricultural villages where you can Create some special villagers and put them to work in this special mill or plantation. It will grow many more resources than an average crop. You can also send your own villagers. It will also grant some passive bonus in agriculture and it will give you access to some agricultural technologies.


The online experience still feels very empty and lonely. Honestly, ESO was much better (apart from its bugs).

  • Friendlist should always be on front.

  • Online players in friendlist should be on top.

  • You should be able to browse games or other things while waiting in quick search.

  • Why can’t you see someone’s rank when starting a game?

  • Aizamk’s observer UI should be built-in.


Que les parece una mecánica que nos permita poner trampas al contrario.

Las cargas explosivas

Creamos una carga explosiva y le indicamos donde dejar el barril de pólvora, cuando el enemigo pase cerca la activamos con un disparo.

La carga explosiva puede ser activada por cualquier jugador y la explosión puede causar daño a cualquier jugador sin importa quien causo la explosión (Si, incluso a nosotros).

Tecnología del arsenal:
Metralla: Aumenta el alcance y el daño de la explosión.


Los ninjas y asesinos podrían crear una zona con púas para dañar y ralentizar a las unidades que pasen por ese lugar

Las púas ralentizan y dañan a todas las unidades sin excepción (incluso las propias).
Las púas duran un tiempo limitado (¿quizás 20 segundos?)

Mejoras de la iglesia/santuario:
Camuflaje extiende la duración y el área de efecto

PD: por el momento no se me ocurre como aplicar el veneno.

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Me gustaría la capacidad de reciclar los pesqueros para recuperar la madera invertida en ellos.

Mientras mas porcentaje de salud tenga el pesquero mas madera recuperaras.
Para reciclar los pesqueros, se tienen que guarnecer en el puerto.

Ejemplo de reciclaje:
Pesquero: 100% de salud = valor 70 de madera
Pesquero: 50% de salud = valor 35 de madera

En caso de que esto parezca OP, reciclar podría costar entre 10 y 20 de oro por pesquero.


thing is you can heal ships for free so there is no negative to simply waiting to recover full price.


Correcto. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

La única excepción seria que necesites los recursos con urgencia. Y seamos justos, esta mecánica solo la usarían cuando los recursos del mar se terminen (Late-Game).

Apart from losing the invested wood, you give the enemy a lot of experience. Recycling is the best.