Fix chat censor

I literrally cannot text anything in game. My sentences are always get censored for no reason.


Just type anything in qoutation marks like “this” - if this gets exploited they will have to rework the censor system anyway.
In all honesty the censor system is bad, we arent kids Microsoft

The devs seems to love this censor. There was some workaround (so you can see everything, but if the others dont have the workaround they still see only ***). Instead of just deleted (or making it optional) the censor, they spent time to fix this workaround. So nowadays it dont work anymore.

I also think the censor is bad. The best example is that some AI names are censored by their own filter :rofl: :rofl:

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The fact that the devs actively stop a workaround proves that it’s not just the “higher-ups” forcing it on us.

That’s actually the opposite.

The devs have proven to care about the community by implementing the feedbacks on game.

But this is clearly something they are forced to fix

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