Flemish militia suggestion - partial conversion


As stated by TheViper (:heart:), flemish militia either ends the game a way or another (instant win or lose), which, in my opinion, could be corrected/improved by simply only converting a % of your villagers, let’s say 30%.
That would :

  • add the opportunity to make flemish militia at TC (which is actually almost almost never done - more options in a strategy game is always welcomed, right ?).
  • help you fight back if you were under attack, without totally giving up on your eco.

Maybe the cost should be decreased as well (let’s say 50%?).
Do you think that’s a good idea ?

What do you think the % should be ?
  • 30%
  • 50%
  • 70%
  • 100% (no change)

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PS : I think the villagers should be converted depending on their actual task, to keep the same % of villagers on food, wood, stone and gold.
PPS : Idle villagers should be prioritized.


Maybe it should simply not convert your villagers but enable an icon on your villagers to transform them for a certain amount of gold for example. In this way you don’t kill your whole eco but can react to raids efficiently. The tech price should be reduced accordingly.


I posted this idea already in one of the previous posts.
If it would be 50 % it could easily be achieved by only converting male/femal vills.

I would like this chage because it would make the tech less volatile.

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Or allow to convert only villagers garrisoned in TC ( after ringing the bell it should be around 30 villagers)


What is actually happening with garrisoned units atm?
Becaus I had a game where for some reason not all villagers of my opponent were converted and i still don’t understand why.

Maybe they were in queue in the TCs?

No, i’m pretty sure only about 2/3 of them were converted. But since it didn’t had any impact to the game and nobody else mentioned it, maybe it was just a one-time bug and not worth mentioning it.

It was just a bit odd to see it in the timeline after the game. It also felt like a quite weak last stand compared to others.

I proposed this too.

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Convert only builders. This is easily achievable rather than a %. Also this enables a player to choose which villager he would convert by easily assigning the required villagers to build a palisade wall.

Bu what about vils that are building farms?

It’s an All-in tech like AOE3 revolutions. It’s not something you’re supposed to research every time. The sole thing I’d welcome to see is balancing the unit stats accordingly so it isn’t too strong.

maybe idle vils, otherwise builders = a ton more micro?

but i like the garrisoned in TC idea, since it also caps the amount, so you dont end up with the 200 vil pocket thing…

Seems to tricky for me. Too much manual operations if you want to convert a lot of villagers. And the idea is also to prevent the burgondian to convert all villagers to prevent the “all-in” strat.

I don’t like this, because it makes the tech even more powerfull because the player researching can chose how much he want to be converted. It makes it even worse for the opponent because he doesn’t know what is coming, a flood or nothing.

Its better to make it a fixed amount.

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how do you choose that fixed amount? also the 1st crusade isnt a fixed amount either… a flood or very few is also possible with them…

sorry i meant a fixed ratio, but amount could also possible.
But i would prefer the ratio of like 50 %.

Edit: just to explain why: if you are raiding a burgundian player with scouts or cav archers, and see the tech researched, you have no other option than retreat, because if you stay, your army is gone. So he can just convert a few vills to bait the full conversion, you have to retreat and lose all momentum.
It would be even more broken as it is atm becaus then it is a game changer even if you don’t have any food stockpiled.

Converting 50%would be op. Like you get 50 military units and still some eco behind to reboom. It’s really hard to balance, to be honest

That’s why 30% seems better to me.

Also ok.
But the important think to know is, as burgundians are a cav civ, they wouldn’t have the blacksmith upgrades, so the flemish militia is extremely vulnerable to all ranged units afaik.

Maybe considering the trash war situation 30 % might be better. But I don’t know how to solve elgantly “which” vills are converted.

I woul maybe make it 50 % but tweaking the flemish militia to be a bit weaker and also cost less.

I have a different idea for the flemish militia, it have the same concept, but it completely change the units.

I suggest:

  • Vills don’t transform into FM.
  • FM can still be trained in TCs.
  • All xbows are transformed into HC.

Burgundians are a powerful gunpowder civ, with a good bonus, but like all other civs, it suffer from the same problem of the HC, they can be massed too late in the game.

This was, you could at least build you numbers of archers/xbows in feudal/castle, then you transform those into HC, and you can keep training them.

Burgundians have FU xbows into castle age, which are a solid option, then they lack arbs, but have a good bonus for HC. This way, they could have a really good switch for a the late game.

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