"Focus on last event" spacebar hotkey still not working in PUP

This one seems simple enough and was broken after the latest patch.

“Focus on last event” (by default SPACEBAR) has an extremely short cooldown timer so the hotkey is basically useless. We are talking fractions of a second. This was reported previously but the thread was closed. "Focus on last event" hotkey not working

I’m concerned this will go on to the final release again in a broken state. Any updates there?

I don’t think event cues work like you think they do. What do you mean by cool-down? I think the way it works is there are two types of ‘events’, 1) military attack ping event, 2) production/other event. Upon each of 1) events happening in-game the previous event is overwritten. 2) events seem to have some form of discrete memory, where you can cycle through previous attack pings.

After a short period the production/other event is forgotten. The military attack ping events persist for longer, which you will notice if multiple 1) & 2) events are firing simultaneously. In my opinion the 2) military attack ping events ‘memory time’ should be shorter, and only refresh when a unit takes damage. For example, if I run my scout away from their TC after taking an arrow shot the event will persist for longer than I want :slight_smile: Another example is when my army is dead yet the “focus on last” event brings me back to my corpses in the fog of war :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s actually a lot of discussion around this one internally. I don’t want to sully any opinions here by stating exactly what that means. Can you describe exactly what you perceive as broken @EricGonzalezM (or anyone else that wants to weigh in)?

Basically the " Last event " should have a timer of 20-30 seconds, so the hotkey will jump to the last event ( for example → town gets attacked. )
Lets descripe it like …
You have your camera in the enemy base, and try to raid it, but at the same time, the enemy raids you.
While the event appears " Your town is under attack " you will never react within 2 seconds with the hotkey.
If there would be a hidden timer, so the hotkey reacts within 20 seconds to the latest event, that would be great.

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Exactly. Thank you.

@SavageEmpire566: Before the last stable patch (I don’t remember the release #, sorry), every time, say, a villager spawned, or a scout, or a building finished construction, you would have about 10 seconds (unsure of the exact value) to hit spacebar and the camera would take you to that last event. If several things happened in close succession, for example: a villager and a building completing at almost the same time, hitting spacebar would cycle between all events that happened in those last ~10 seconds.

If nothing had happened during the last 10 seconds, spacebar would do nothing (expected).

Whereas after the last stable release (as well as the PUP), this functionality is broken. My assumption is that the timer was changed and it’s now too short (a second or less), so you hear, say, a scout spawning, but once you hit spacebar the timer has already expired and the hotkey does nothing (you actually hear the “hotkey inactive” audio cue). If you are extremely quick, or by sheer luck some event took place that you didn’t really were trying to “catch” you will see it still works, so I know it hasn’t been completely removed.

Hope the above comment and my explanation better describes the problem. In fact, if you guys keep older versions of the game running internally, I would just experiment with one of the previous releases to see how it worked.

Thank you all for the feedback! I’ll make sure the team sees it.