For anyone creating new civs or people who enjoy documenting them - a question?


  1. Did anyone already proposed any “polar” civs like innuit or eskimo? I would like to read some interesting fantasies how these could be integrated.

2.Same for highly catamaran societies of polynesia/ oceania. Hawaiians comes to mind first ofc.

Feel free to respond just with link to that thread, I dont mind.
Thanks for any share of mind :slight_smile:

Just use the forum search function and you will see old topics.

There is also this thread… Which I again forgot to update this weekend 11

BTW @all people that make civ proposals. If you just make a link to that project it would be an easy help for me to add your proposal cause I don’t have to fish it out of the thread list.

It also becomes then outomatically a backlink to your proposal so even if I hang behind like currently your thread can then be found there.

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It still would be better to have a nexus threat for such topic :slight_smile:

Why would you need to threaten anyone?!

Highly against the ToS!

Okay maybe you meant ThreaD in that case I don’t know what you’re saying. This thread starts off almost like it has a more important question about the craft itself and then… the subject is so anticlimactic. It’s a real bummer.

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yeah clickbait is everywhere rn

I often just ignore this kind of threads. You can say something that indicates what the thread is about in the topic and if you don’t I usually assume that you are just fishing.

i don’t even know what’s the sense of it. If you have a question that you want to get answered why not just write the question? If you first write who you want to see that it looks more like you want certain people react to you rather than an actual answer to your question.
Viewing it from that perspective makes it look really cringe.