Forced Mappool Issues


I think it’s time to really address the current mappool issues.

Devs should read this reddit thread entirely, it provides valuable insights :

In short :

  • A majority of people complain that they are forced into playstyles they don’t enjoy
  • Mappool feels like rolling a dice, it creates frustration and even drives some people away from the game
  • Some people enjoy the diversity in the mappool
  • Ban system doesn’t solve the problem
  • Individual concerns about the current maps : megarandom is way too unfair, Steppe = Chinese only, TI uninteresting to play…

In my opinion, there has to be several queues, at least for the different playstyles, ie :

  • Open land map
  • Closed land maps
  • Nomad maps
  • Hybrid maps
  • Water maps.
    You pick as many as you want when you start queuing. Wait times get a bit longer but people get to play what they want.

Thoughts ?


We had this discussion many times, you can read everyones suggestions here:

or here:


I also posted The Solution which allows for positive selection and incentives the selection of many maps.

Ultimately, I don’t think they’re going to get to the right answer on the map pool so I think much of the competitive community will go back to Voobly. I just don’t think they understand how unenjoyable many maps with choke points are for experienced players.

I think Age is just a really hard game to throw in random map types.

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Yes I know this topic was already brought many times, but has anything changed ? Did the devs even take into consideration what was said ?

I think there is still a lot to talk about.

The discussion wasnt even 3 weeks old, over christmas and new year. If changes happen it will take time.

I much, much prefer the current mappool over anything 90% of this forum/reddit suggest.

that said, I would still like a seperate matchmaking queue just for arabia, in addition to the current mappool. (though in the latter arabia could be replaced)

In the arabia ‘pool’, players can see each others civs, such that they can decide to pick random instead of mirror/top tier civ. On HD/Voobly players can see each other civs, and know they can change their civ if the opponent decides to pick a strong civ.

Ironically I have had so much more variety in games I played on Voobly, back when 1v1 random civs on arabia was the norm.

I agree every even though I only played Arabia, given everyone went random there was so much more variety. Especially for team games with all the possible civ combos and team bonuses, I never got sick of playing Arabia with random civs. Now you can basically predict the civs based on map or people just do mirror. On top of that there’s so many maps that just are not fun to play. I’ve just been playing HD hoping they come out with a patch to fix ranked play. I don’t want to waste my time in DE playing mirror civs on a map like Black Forest.

Citation needed. Thats a big claim which you just pulled out of nowhere to make it seem like your complaint is more valid than it is.