The new map pool sucks

Black forest? Nomad?? In ranked play?
Are you kidding me?

I thought the worst scenario is you just remove some unpopular maps, but you add the most cancerous maps in the pool?

It is as ridiculous as removing all the standard maps except Lost Temple, and adding some infinite minerals maps and RPG in the ladder maps pool in Starcraft.

What is the difference between DE and HD now? I think I won’t spend much time in this game anymore and going back to my PS4.


Chill dude. It’s a map pool.Which I’m sure will change on a regular basis. You can veto the maps you don’t want to play.

You can always play unranked if you want complete freedom of choice.


Anyone who suggest unranked (as if it is possible to play a balanced game there) is a hypocrite. I be leaving the game too. My complete freedom of choice is my Valve Index and retro games but not AoE anymore.


I don’t believe the nomad and blackforest players will love this pool. Why don’t you just add Deathmatch and CBA to this pool too? I am sure it will be definitely cooooooool!

Now I start to think give every mode a rank leaderboard is a good idea.

Not going to spend any time on this game. There are so many new titles on nswitch and ps4 to play.

Please remove the goddamned nomad and blackforest right now, and fire the one in charge immediately!


If you don’t want to play them just ban them? What are you crying about?


They really have to keep bans for teamgames. Forcing people to play tg arena, nomad, and BF is ridiculous.


“They fixed a bunch of stuff and added new stuff, but add 2 maps that I can just choose not to play? Holy s*** it’s the end of the f***ing world”


That I can get behind. No ban for 4v4 is weird.


I’m a new player and its kinda frustrating play those weirds maps. I just want to play standard games and no, i dont like to play unranked games because people dont try hard in normal game and i would probabily meet someone that doesnt have my elo.
So for now, i’ll only play Arabia and Black forest (and is so horrible play only 2 maps) and i’ll insta leave the others one.


Agreed this new map pool is garbage. I hate not being able to deselect at least two types of maps. Im not a Nomad player and i hate island maps. These are very different play styles to the standard game. Please allow 2 map bans at least.

For those saying “durr just ban the maps lol” they don’t understand the problem at all. All of the maps suck, the only decent one is arabia, and you can only ban three. I’m a new player, and to be forced to play these terrible maps is not fun at all.


Maybe it’s forced by how the current setup is implemented. There are curently 8 maps in the pool. In a 4v4 match where everyone gets one ban, I guess possible (although unlikely) that each player could ban a different map, meaning there would be no maps left to play.


I mean there’s a pretty simple fix : don’t match these people together…


I feel like all this complain would be solved if they made unranked not suck.
Like really, most of what I see is people saying that they’re new and they are forced to play ranked because unranked is unbalanced and now they have to play competitive maps they’re not used to.
Maybe just showing the fricking elo of the players in unranked like everyone’s begging would solve the problem.


Or they could solve it by letting people ban as many maps as they want for both 1v1 and tg.


That would make it impossible for players to play, if one player bans the first 4 and the other player bans the last 4 then it’ll be impossible for them to play because all maps are banned, this is why there’s a max of 3 bans.
If anything, they could make it so there’s a “soft ban” so those maps will be avoided as much as possible, but if all maps left for both players are soft banned then it’ll choose between one of the soft banned (pretty much “don’t pick this one if there’s another good choice”)

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You forget ranked isn’t 100% of the game. If u don’t wanna play competitively then just don’t play ranked and play something else.
Also you’re complaining about 2 maps, u can easily ban them. u’re raging for no reason.


That’s the point. If 2 players don’t want to play overlapping maps, why force them to play? If people want to play only tg nomad or BF with a longer wait, why not let them?

Half the complaints are coming from people unable to focus their 1 main map, and the other half are complaining that they are being forced to play that 1 main map, whether it be nomad, BF, or arena.


I wouldn’t mind giving the player a choice of choosing the map they want while making them know their waiting time would be longer.

The one thing I feel like would be a problem is that their elo wouldn’t properly reflect their general elo (which is an issue I think zeroempires talked abt in one of his videos? idk, but like is it fair to say that a player with 1600 elo that only plays arena is as good as a player with 1600 elo that only plays nomad? the maps change completely the way u’ll play the game, so I do feel like it might be better to make a rank individually for each one, since u require a completely different skill set to play them. just my opinion at least)

Different ladders could work, but honestly it’s still fine without it. The current ladder used in voobly is just fine and it groups all maps together. Not to say different ladders might not make it even better.

I just think it’s a major oversight from the devs to force experts to play BF if they want to train 4v4 competitively.

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