Forgotten Empires AI Builder - Not Advancing to the Next Age

Hey, so I’ve been using the Forgotten Empires AI Builder for my custom campaigns, but while I’ve been able to get it to mostly work in for my scenarios in DE, I can’t get any of my opponents to advance to the next age. This is in spite of definitely turning the allow-aging signal on, and the AI does still train units, attack me, and research new technology. Why won’t it work?

Hmm, so I never got a response here, so I’ll rephrase the question. Basically, is there a specific way to program a campaign AI to make it advance to the next age? The problem might just be that I’m doing this for DE and not HD, so the names aren’t quite the same.

You might want to join the scripters communuity over here:

The people over there will be able to help you on scripting simple Ais like the campaign ones.

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