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There is a bug with the aztec wall.
Instead of turning to aztec stone wall(with the statues on top) it turns into the european “meh” type.
Please fix this :slight_smile:

Strange im sure i fixed that so its should be paliside, wooden fortwall then bastion which is aztec/inca stone walls then you can turn it to fort walls, or you guys looking for me to change the order?

Order is good. The aztec “bastion” look is european design,not aztec design. That should be fixed

Strange i thought i did that sorry will double check it later today and get it fixed asap thanks for letting me know :grinning:

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So the unmodded style is:
Stone(bastion) age3 and upwards
When you upgrade wooden to bastion with euro civs it turns to stone (respectively warchiefs civs to their corresponding styles of “bastion”

The modded style is:
Wooden -age1 and2
Tall palisades (1st upgrade) in age2
“Bastion” age 3
Big chonky stone walls age4

Issue is: with aztec when you upgrade from tall palisades to “bastion” it switches the style and renders the european stone wall instead of the cool aztec design (with statues in top)

And that…is a bug
Lakota are fine and haude aswell
Can you patch this por favor?

I probably forgot to put the correct animation file in there or something :sweat_smile:, i will install a fresh copy and test it and see if i can sort the problem will be done today just stuck in work atm lol

You and me both…but we still on forums chat :sweat_smile:

Haha yep gotta skive when you can lol, i will sort this out though, can you see if the inca get their stone walls ok? When your not in work ofcourse lol

I will check inca and double check lakota and haude
Have a productive day

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Actually,all the natives have this problem. Same issue for inca/haude/lakota and aztecs

ok i need a little more info - i have freshly installed the game, downloaded this mod only and tested Aztec and Inca
Aztec i get the start normal palisade wooden walls, then my first upgrade wooden fort walls which provides wood fort, then bastion the upgrade after wooden fort was giving me aztec walls which could be turned into the normal fort walls after - what are you getting im wondering whether im missing something or if another mod is interfering, if possible could you send me pics of the order it should be on my discord - Scxpezz#2888 this would be appreciated as i want to get it right for you

it could also be another mod you may be using could you please provide a list of mods you maybe using?

You are absolutely right. Sorry for putting you through this
The interfering mod was “meditaraneean towers for italy and malta”
Works like a charm now
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Its ok i changed the order for lakota and huadonese any way and changed ottomans fort wall, also changed the code so either way it should be better now

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Works like a charm. Thank you,again

No problem, im glad its now sorted, either way i will have a look at that mod you mentioned and see if i can figure out why its not compatible

ive looked at the content of that mod and i personally have no idea why its messing with mine it only seems to be editing the outpost animation file… strange lol but dont matter now as long as its working for ya

The thing is…that mod is not even working for me(not even in stand alone). I had it subscribed but disabled.
I removed it snd presto…walls rendered correctly

ye the code is pretty outdated i believe i could probs update it myself and remake it, from what i read on the description when you upgraded to the fortified outpost it would turn to the battery tower for Italy and Maltese, should i remake it?