Four Scouts get stuck deciding to attack a farm, and fail to respond to direction or attack commands for minutes and die failing to fully complete any attack back to the villagers

See here link to video: Twitch

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See here link to video: Twitch

i might have CONTROL clicked the farm 1 time but quickly ammended my mistake, but the scouts failed to respond to any comand for a minute. There had been no lag before during or after this moment this game or day. Its pathing logic related

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MP Replay v101.102.28520.0 @2023.10.30 123334 (1).aoe2record (4.1 MB)

I had snipped all spearmen, 4 vils, and these 4 were next with hit and run…


side note also lets remember that currently villagers and also scouts, randomly start paths by going on perperndicular directions 1 in every 10 times, then correct it on their own at a random moment, but by then players have gotten mindgamed by unpredictable paths, so you dont know if the scout has predicted a woodline / building / units in the fog of war or is suffering from the perpendicular pathing start bug (this), since the last patches… so u end up clicking several extra times until u get a pathing exactly in direction to were u clicked, but these corrections that are needed at random mess up the flow of the game experience

the pathing we had thru all of 2021-2022 :smiley: it wasnt as bad, we had more feeling of actually being in control of the units at all times

Not part of the dev team but yeah, there seems to be some new bug in the new build. The general idea is that when you have a group of units and task them to move as a group, they’ll sometimes ignore that command and you’ll have to move them 1 by 1.

This is a post I made when I noticed the problem while playing the second scenario in the new ismail campaign
Units not listening to commands if multiple units selected in Ismail 2

And this is a post another community member created regarding warrior monks with relics.
You cant move multiple warrior monks with relics

The warrior monk bug seems pretty consistent, but otherwise units still have this small probability of ignoring group move commands.

The dev team responded to both our topics and informed us that while those issues were similar they were still distinct.

I’m going to link your topic in mine to try increasing the visibility of this.