Frame rate drop in main menu

Build 5.0.7274.0

Frame rate inconsistent in main menu screens. Usually drops to 40-60 fps, but occasionally can drop to as low as 10.

My usual gameplay FPS is around 140 fps.

This happens randomly, however I noticed the fps fairly consistently occurs in the following situations:

  • When minimizing the game then maximizing it back.
  • After multiple games sessions.
  • Given enough time in the main menu screen.

Temporary solutions:

  • Restart game.
  • Enter a session; FPS returns to normal during a match.

Same here. The longer I stay in the menu the more my FPS drops from 160+ down to even 17 fps. When I join a game, FPS is ok in the game, but going back to the menus just screws this up.


I have the same problem, FPS is fine ingame but in the menu’s it always degrades so bad that its flat out stuttering.

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I’ve got the same issue, particularly after browsing masteries in the mastery menu. I’ve started looking at the masteries I need and then restarting the game before continuing.

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Same Problem here!
I am getting drops after reviewing masteries to 3-4 FPS in the main menu

Hey all! Is this something you see in general menus, or have you noticed it’s only when you visit the Masteries section? We are aware of a bug where that section in particular will cause performance issues.

Same issue, only after visiting the Masteries tab. Huge drop in fps and mouse dragging/stuttering.

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Hey SavageEmpire566,

From what I’ve seen, just generally going in and out of different menus (profile menu & Masteries menu) causes the frame rate to decrease.

Using the Steam version, the frame rate plummets to less than 20 FPS when you delve right in to the mastery menu and stays there until you load into a game.

Just to note, low FPS and GSync results in screen flicker. Which is a little annoying.

I did briefly try the Gamepass version and it didn’t drop the FPS within the main menu, unless I didn’t stay in the menu long enough?

AMD 5900x

In-game frame rate is not an issue.

Rather than starting a new thread lets revive this one. I’m experience this issue too. Often when first booting the game up the main menu perf seems normal (e.g. 144fps which is max monitor refresh rate for me). After playing a game or pretty much doing anything in the menu the game FPS drops to 17-18fps. Almost like it gets hard capped.

A thing I tried so far is disabling the steam in-game overlay, which seems to help a bit. Finished a game and went back to the UI and didn’t have the frame drops.

Edit: Ignore that, this morning I still got the frame drop (even with steam in-game overlay disabled). I’m on a ryzen 5 5600x and gtx 1080.

Same here with the masteries menu. After its a insta frame drop when back to normal menu in all aspects

How do you notice a frame drop on a still image?

I have the same issue, only after accessing and closing the mastery tab. Disappears after playing a game oder restarting the game. It drops from 144fps to 15 which feels really bad.

I made some tests and observed that it only appears when you enter the detailed section of a mastery, for example the chinese mastery (the list view of all chinese mastery levels). It also appears to stack for every civilization you do this for. If I only click on Chinese mastery, I drop to 15 fps. But when I click on Mongol mastery after that, it gets worse to 8 fps, and if I click on a third one after that it drops to 5 etc.

Hope this helps to narrow it down.

I have too much fps drops in the menu. When i enter to mastery part then turn back to menu, i am encountering with an hard fps drop. My fps drops under 10 from 140. I am encountering the same problem when i enter the profile to edit. However when i enter the match, the problem is fixing however until hosting the match and enterig the loading part, i am having the fps drop. I hope this problem will solve with a hotfix because it is effecting the gamplay in a very bad way.

Are you on ms store? I had the same there, now in steam I don’t, dunno what was the cause.

I have the same issue.

You get rid of it by restarting the game or by joining a match as you say

Reproducing it is easy: It happens on high change when you open masteries screen to check the quests in one of the specific factions with like 50-100% chance, not in the list of factions that is, but it might come there too. I I don’t open masteries nothing usually happens

I’m not sure if this is a hardware has any affect on this as my friend with 5+ yers old PC with unsupported nvidia GPU card does not have this problem, but my 3070 does drop from 144 to 30 every single f time when I try to look my masteries.

And I have the game thru steam, I doubt that has any affect but u never know maybe disabling steam overlay ect will help as it has caused problems in other games…

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İ have 2060 RTX too but i have that fps drop as i mentioned.

İ bought it from the steam.

i have rtx2080ti also same problem

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • GAME BUILD #: 5.0.8324.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

FPS drop in the main menu.

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

  1. Start the game
  2. Go to mastery pannel
  3. Select a civ
  4. Select an earned mastery
  5. Close the panel
  6. Result : FPS drop

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

No FPS drop

:arrow_forward: Video

FPS maxed at 60 FPS, drops to ~10 FPS after reproduction steps
Video clip of the bug

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