Free Surrender when bug is detected


Since the patch of april, i’ve been experiencing a lot of bug (mostly the HUD freeze bug where you don’t see the name of players kind of like this one here) resulting in me surrendering the game or Alt-F4 since i want to play games in decent condition.

Could the dev add some kind of 30 sec free time where you don’t lose point (I don’t want to have some screwed stats)


It was previously allowed to resign in 1st minute of a match without point loss, but can’t anymore.
Here is a discussion about it:

I wouldn’t recommend this topic to discuss that subject, giving how far off the tangent the discussion went there already.

But anyway, is loss forgiviness for early resigns really gone in this patch? Like, is it really not happening consistently, every time? Pretty much everyone who reported it doesn’t specify if it’s recurrent, and, aside, on these reports there’s also people to disprove it. I’m really curious to know about it in more detail.

It’s definitely 100% gone. Even if you resign before the 1 minute mark, you will get point loss. I’ve heard that some people still got no elo loss in certain circumstances, but it’s definitely more the exception than the norm.

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Oh, thanks then. These undocumented changes on the game really annoy me, specially because they easily fall under what Joseph Anderson would call to be a “Bethesda’s Bug”: you can never know if it’s actually a bug or if it’s a feature.

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Better option to me: Let them fix the bugs. If there are no bugs, this feature isnt needed. Instead of spending time for this feature, they can spend the time at solving bugs.

Another options: I want the Save and Exit button back into the game for ranked games. If you for example have a bugged map for some reason, you can Save and Exit after agreement with enemy.

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