BUG: Game "Freezes after ~20 seconds 1v1 ranked

Game Version: current

  • Build (current)
  • Platform (Steam)


(In 1v1 ranked games the game “freezes” after ~20seconds. Unable to use mouse or keyboard, villager production stops and all units stop moving. Watched the game continue for a bit and my Opponent seems to be fine, after they realize im kinda AFK they kill my 3 starting Vils and the TC. On 2v2 Multiplayer Games there are no issues at all.)

After a bit more testing:
The game it self does not freeze. It´s only the top and the bottom pannel that freeze after around 20 seconds. Im still able to produce vils and build buildings but only using Hotkeys.
The Score is not visible.
Pressing enter to chat brings my entire game to freeze unable to un freeze it, need to shut down the game via task manager.
At the start screen of a match i see the players or theire civs for the match.
This has happend in all ladder matches except 2v2s with an invited Friend.

All Mods deactivated.

Reproduction Steps:

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same issue with the OP, here is the video

As you can see the game’s stats freeze at the start of the game. The four vils and loom is still on progress whereas my population is already 1x. You can see my cursor keep clicking and nothing response, also the hotkeys including the esc & f3.

The opponent’s game seems fine and even build a stone wall to my tc. This is the second time this bug comes to me within an hour, i did even reinstall the game after the first time.

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Same problem. It started happening only after the recent patch.
There are some pre-cursors to the crash that if occur, can guarantee that the game’s UI gets into the inoperable state.

  1. Chat is delayed by up to a minute
  2. player names don’t appear on the game loading screen, and the scoreboard thereafter.
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Any news from the developers about a hot fix or smth. yet?

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