French are broken

Why does this civ have everything? Can someone @Relic please explain me what the design philosophy is behind this civ?

Like seriously. It has EVERYTHING. It’s been picked 80% of the time in my games it’s not even funny anymore.
Just look at this joke:

  • Best knights, they come at Feudal age aswell.
  • Unbeatable at water cuz someone at Relic thought it was a good idea to give them Feudal age Hulks. The ONLY faction that has this. Why??
  • Extremely good economy. Otherwise they can’t spam early knights all day ofcourse. That would be a disaster.
  • Crossbows with such high armor even knights can barely penetrate them.
  • Late game cannons and artillery that 1 shot everything you have running around.
  • Extremely good landmarks.
  • Oh yes and TRADERS. I guess someone at Relic decided the French weren’t busted enough so he decided to implement one of the best traders into the civ from the game.

I can 99% confirm that Relic’s CEO must be some French dude. There is no other explanation why EVERYTHING is pumped into a single civ. It’s broken beyond broken.


its because they are based in Quebec. IF they were based in Toronto, the English would be OP.



I don’t like to use the word OP but how they have that Market option to change resource AND that Guild Hall Landmark that can ramp up so much resources is OP. They pretty much remove an important part of the game everyone else is having trouble with - Late game. While having really strong gold units like that Crossbow unit and royal knight that go really well even if the enemy could afford those units then.

I knew it. Quebec. Explains it all

If that isn’t OP then what is?

Guild Hall and market traders arent even the issue. Its mostly a late game, teamgame thing and other civs have some pretty crazy eco bonuses by that time. Rus with hunting cabins, golden gate exchange, bounty farmers. HRE with Regnitz + Aachen farmers. Abbasid Golden Age + Unique eco tech, Chinese granary, taxes, etc. English gold farmers, etc. Mongol and Abbassid traders are better than French ones once upgraded.

Whats really broken on French is the ease of getting to late game eco because of faster working TC, cheaper eco upgrades, free blacksmith tech, cheaper resource drop off.


Except they’re not based in Quebec. They’re in Vancouver…

twas a joke, don't think too hard on it


Apparently the jk, /s and Kappa arent enough nowadays.


Haha - whoosh I guess - I swear the jk, /s, kappa weren’t there when I replied.

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Hey, if you read the forums at AoE4 zoom level, it would require some scrolling to find them!!



Thanks we hadn’t even realized.

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Not that anyone will listen to me… but we could help force relics hand…

Every match you play with a france player either insta resign or grief them, like run around endlessly with the Mongol TC so they can’t win.

As it stands people are still trying to actually play. meaning the issue isn’t that bad. But imagine EVERYONE was forced to not play France anymore…

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Because french were really OP lol.

I’m actually 100% onboard with this. will start griefing with mongol TC immediately.

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Or you guys can just play one of the factions thats pretty much a skill matchup vs french unless its water or you’re top 50. Like rus or england or mongols

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French on water is too strong. That needs nerfed. The knights I am iffy on but honestly the french are too strong.

The first step to fix the french is to completely get rid of the villager production speed bonus.

1- It makes no sense thematically
2- It is impossible to counter
3- Its way better than all other civ economic bonus in the game
4- It is the only economic bonus that is right from age 1, cost nothing, and doesn’t require you to do anything.
5- It does that you will always have more villagers than your opponent if you play as well as your opponent, and invest in the same amount of tech and TC…
6- It feels more like a cheat than a civ bonus.
7- It does not make the civ more interesting or more fun to play, it does not add any depth to the gameplay.

That should solve most of the issues. Then after that its just a few units stats balance but at least the french will be much closer to other civ economically. They already have access to all the best units in the game they dont need that bonus.


Ridiculous civ with basically everything and no weakness. They will harras your eco with royal knights 24/7 while still being economically ahead.

  • Faster vill production
  • 30% cheaper eco bonuses
  • Resource drop-off buildings cost 50% less
  • Military units besides siege are 20% (30% with tech) cheaper next to castles
  • More or less strongest trade in the game as you can bring back any resource
  • Melee damage blacksmith tech just researched for free. Not even a time investment, no, just given for free
  • Strongest knights in the game by far available in Feudal Age that 2 shot a vill without any repercussions due to autoheal
  • Strongest Crossbowmen in the game
  • Lets not even talk about water
  • Guild Hall … College of Artillery …

Play on Viper level or auto lose. If your enemy is bad and he doesn’t make any archers or crossbowmen or springalds you might stand a chance. However even in 1250 bracket french players are tryhards and always go with that stuff, then its easily gg unless you play an OP civ yourself like Mongol/Rus.
You have to play 150% as abbasid to beat a french, literally THE counter civ.

Completely broken civ. Lets give them the strongest early game, along with an unbeatable economy and an extremely strong lategame. So basically unless you get heavily outplayed you simply cannot lose. Sorry but if you are responsible for designing and balancing this civ, I question your job capabilities. You don’t need weeks of testing with a pro tournament in between, to realise this civ is broken. It sounds like an 8y old designed with civ cause he doesn’t want to lose to anything. What a JOKE.


Why not just all play french 24/7 ? Less painful for everybody involved. Let’s have one big baguette party!