I don’t think french are that strong compared to new china, mongols and other civs. Its just that its very easy to play and a lot of people pick it for that reason. In low elo games its pretty good but when you learn to counter you can easily boom. Knights are very costly units and can cripple french late game.

the thing is that delhi is bugged and the area of influence actually adds more time into research, that is the first reason , the second one is that delhi before had a good early game in terms of sacred sites and they were played different , now delhi needs to play in the same way as other civs.

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Also. lets behave.

I know this is a hot topic but lets behave . If we want to be heard we need to be nice.

@MausBueffel1563 just wanted to gave his opinion , (we all knew that scholars inside mosques produce faster btw) but there is no need to humillate him in this way . all of us are people with different ways to think and if you want to express your self we need to be calm .

(I know i have humillated a lot of people but its good to be toxic if the other person is toxic (for the sake of the chat) but this guy wasnt toxic , why be toxic with him?)

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meta has changed yes… this topic was writen before china was discovered to be one of the best civs atm.

i know its late! but lets be realistic . they are not going to prepare us a secret winter gift for us changing delhi meta and fixing the 30 bugs of delhi .

How they can change the delhi meta?

bringing sancity in dark age but you need to have like 6 scholars to produce it.

making delhi able to make military building at dark age BUT you can only produce basic stuff like lancers (not archers , maybe improved villagers with bows) and early horse man .

Or allowing them to produce scholars faster and making buildings cheaper.

Well at least i’m not acting all mighty for no reason like you miss/mister big talk. And in addition i give obvious facts to ignorants. So i see no reason you condescend me you sassy troll. But your intervention is proof this argument about Delhi nerf is over or reached it’s Godwin point

last one is a winner to me (not the building part). Delhi lack a better economics advantage early on to make up with early aggression. and if Hissar change for the best it may be enough to give you the boosted eco other civs already have at this point

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i am really sorry sir, please continue

Even if Hissar Academy gave the food it is supposed to give, it’ll still be useless. Food is never a problem in imperial age, everybody’s got farms by then. And even if you have all techs researched it barely gives enough food to replace like 1-2 villagers.

Hisar replaces 8-12 villagers on food with a reasonable amount of research done, and can be very useful to help mitigate population lost due to scholars. Prior to the imperial age research nerf it could offset almost all the population scholars made up in your mosques. Since they want us to make more scholars now it should probably be buffed a bit if that is the role they wanted it to play. It is also not a dead landmark if you are pop capped.

I like palace too, but it’s pick rate is definitely inflated by one of the more popular build orders bugging out Hisar (honed blades/MAA)

watch this to know why hisar academy will forever be useless even if it generated the food it claims to be Age of Empires 4 - Delhi Bug Tier List! - YouTube

and see this portion to understand why tower of victory as well will never be any good even if it offered what it claims to Age of Empires 4 - Delhi Bug Tier List! - YouTube

as a lot of people have discussed and explained, most of delhi’s landmark are either bugged or terrible or just there to offset a disadvantage like high cost scholars. while other civs landmarks give early units, or have unique unit production or provide some sort of economic or military advantage early game.

even the good ones delhi has like house of learning and compound of defender are also useless. you need villagers to build towers and repair walls so having infantry just build stone walls dosnt offer much as you still have to carry your villagers. house of learning research arnt great either, when honed blades was a thing then yes maybe, but other it got nerfed and dosnt apply +1 damage anymore and takes forever to research. you can simply gain those advantages offered by other house of learning tech by building houses or doing things you would usually do.

twas what i meant buddy :wink:
for sure hissar need a gold income like any other civ at this point of the game

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With the sacred sites delhi had too much gold. But they nerfed that. I don’t know if just gold income would do. But yes landmarks definitely needs looking into.

and that is why delhi was so strong , they could have 9 minutes in dark age .

now their main strategy is broken.

High level selhi players are still winning despite the nerf and bugs.

If they fix the bugs and maybe allow tower elephants to receive blacksmith upgrades and university attack bonus then I think we’ll have a fair civ.

Yeah that is the thing , IF THEY FIX IT .

Which if they actually do they will need a lot of time , so until the spring update I wouldn’t have high expectations

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meanwhile Rus got castle between 8-9 minute with no sweat XD
wow delhi’s so strong they got in 9 min…spearman
wooooh !

Hisar won’t be useless. Sure food is a much less valuable resource in the long rung, but even right now guild hall which lets you choose what resource to generate, high level French players intentionally have it on food for an extended period of time.

Even if its the least limited resource it gives you 10ish pop space for army or scholars which isn’t useless.

Yet you need 30 scholars (30 pop) to tech normally in imp.That’s 30 less pop than everybody else, with the weakest imp army.

No wonder every time a famous player wins with Delhi, it becomes a instant ‘sensation’. Unmistakeble sign something is very wrong…

Bottom line is, Delhi was butchered suspiciously, AoE4 has begun to die down. I want it to be saved, but time is running.

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Most Pro players that win with dehli already have a serious advantage in late castle and typically on hybrid maps.

Plus you’ll notice they NEVER EVER have anything remotely close to 30 scholars… most you’ll see is 15 and 15 using multiple research buildings is sufficient to get your upgrades within 3min or so; which is still a decent timing given you other civs would NOT HAVE gotten the number of researches completed you have in 3mins.