Techs aren’t free, you have to pay for them with mosques, scholars and research time by which you can’t make other units. You don’t understand what you are talking about.

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It’s only been an hour since the patch came out but have all the pros already talked about it? Ok, simp.


and get them in lower time too + having a good economy = S TIER CIV (english)

get them free but you need 6 mosques AND still need a few minutes + having a not so good economy = DELHI SULTANATE


something that we can agree on lol

It is no secret that Delhi research revolves around wood for mosques and gold for scholars.
I suggest you test it yourself how early tech boost impacts late game instead of just going by numbers.

I’ll give you that: A custom game starting in imp with Delhi is now unplayable.

It only takes 45 minutes if you haven’t build a single scholar. And if you haven’t built a single scholar as the Delhi, you deserve to lose.


I have no idea why you showed a 46 minute research time, openly admitted you’d only get that research time if you built 0 scholars (IE, ignored one of the fundamental mechanics of the game) and still thought that was the logical way to argue that the Delhi are worse.

Look, I personally do think they should have improved Delhi more, but I’m by no means a super good player nor a Delhi main (CHINESE FTW!) But this argument of “It takes 46 minutes to research a tech if you play the civ the exact way it’s not meant to be played!” is absurd.


Early game techs were never an issue, you just waited them out. Delhi has no real early game plan because it has no early maa/knights/archers. Now horsemen are nerfed, rams are nerfed, you still have no early game plan and you also can’t take sacred sites at age 1. Now, here’s the question. How slightly faster early tech is going to help you overcome your lack of any strong moves?

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My god, totally agree.

Nothing short of SCANDALOUS, disgusting… They even removed the most unique positive thing about the civ, to research Sanctity in Dark Age.


By all means then, show us these pros who agree with you.


I have test it and THIS technology, village fortress its bugged. 6 minutes with 0 scholars, but every scholar INCREASE the time, but only in this tech.

  • You can still go for sacred sites.
  • You can outproduce your enemy, now even better as tech is not far behind.

They only moved the tech since your research speed is now faster, otherwise your scholar would be standing on a sacred site way too soon.

As you explained, you wasted time in castle age only to get on par with others tech-wise before. Now, you are less vulnerable in feudal and can switch into castle age in a much more stable position.

Reaching castle age now means you can research castle age tech instead of being stuck with dark age tech. It gives you more options, but also forces you to keep producing scholars so you are able to handle imp tech times.


It’s still unique for them though in that they can capture sacred sites an age before any other faction.


You are essentially trading 75(150) gold for extra racks. Saving 75 resources if monk is produced from DotF. It’s nothing amazing.

There was a strat with dark age rax, double mosque + scholar which didn’t require mining any gold so you got it in dark age. Now it’s destroyed

Dude, if you don’t play as Delhi, just stop making assumptions. When you reached castle you’ve already did all prev techs you needed, even more so if you’ve built additional mosques. The early game has not changed, delhi only was nerfed in imp. And you can’t even realistically compensate for it since even after 15 monks you are still 3 times slower than other civs.


First of all , someone reported me , guys we are in a discussion , not in Twitter . I haven’t insulted anyone so why someone did report me?


I would guess because you bypassed the chat filter, the rules state to keep swear words out of discussions and not circumvent filters.


You are so wrong. I’m a Delhi main and Sanctity takes just as long to research now, as it did in the previous build. It’s currently a feudal age technology, and should have multiplier of 3.5 instead of 5. It still takes over 4 minutes to research with 1 scholar, as it did in the previous build. In addition, the Honed Blades research at the House of Learning now takes a whopping 18 minutes with 1 scholar. The patch notes said that Castle age technologies would remain the same. Clearly this tech is bugged, as well as sanctity, as they are not behaving according to the scaling rules.

And to be clear: I absolutely agree with delaying Sanctity to Feudal, due to some silly strats that were possible. BUT, it needs to have the proper research time, because right now it’s simply impossible to stand on a sacred site before 8 minutes. That implies FC civs such as China, HRE and Rus will be castle before you even benefit from any of these sites. They can instantly collect relics and kill you off with castle age units as Delhi has no way to punish these civs in Feudal (your horsemen got a nice big fat nerf!) and cannot compete economically to rush FC.

Conclusion: the bugs need to be fixed, until they are fixed, Delhi cannot compete on most occasions. Once Honed blades and Sanctity have the proper research times, it will be fine as the faster eco techs early game will compensate.


Well I an an Delhi main since the closed beta, so when you say that the time costs for techs are inconsistent it definitely needs to be fixed.

Concerning the sacred site rush I think the balance team probably didn’t intend these type of rushes, your “eco bonus” is to not have to spend resources on tech. Now, with tech not lagging massively behind, you should be on a more equal footing against others.

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As a bonus their spears can now snipe units on the other side of the map.

EDIT: I always get Delhi and Abbasid mixed up.

I’m a Delhi main since the closed beta as well.

And indeed, the 4 minute sacred site rushes were probably not intended, and I’m happy to see them disappear. But now with weaker horsemen and rams, Delhi can’t hurt HRE or Rus players with professional scouts, camping at their TC and being FC before you can even benefit from any eco bonus or sacred site. As Delhi, you don’t have any economic bonus like HRE (+40% boost), or Rus (golden gate trade + 20% wood bonus + passive gold income). So you can’t play the same FC game as them and not be behind.

Somehow, Delhi needs to benefit from the free technologies and some passive gold income from the sites to be able to overcome these massive delta’s in economic, and therefore army output. Normally, the honed blades tech helps a bit, but with 18 minutes for 1 scholar, 11 minutes with 6 scholars and 8 minutes with 9 scholars. That’s insane for a castle age tech that cost like 5 minutes in the previous build.