French are too strong

I’ve played English since starting the game. I’ve gotten pretty good at an aggressive early build. The only civ that seems to beat it is French on small maps. Literally can’t beat a French player all in Fuedal as English.

This is also taking into consideration that I build ready to do a ram counter with full upgrades. Both eco and army.

So the fact I build for an all in early and can’t beat French. I feel this means French is OP. The knight simply has waaaaaaay too much health. I even build a barracks after I age up and get a mix of longbows and pike.

About the only thing I can think of doing different is getting a barracks early and just going pikemen but I feel I don’t get them in the darkage.

Any ideas?

Mine is they need to be nerfed.

That or maybe I’ll just switch to french and use my english build on french and beat more players.

The English player should do damage in the Early Game (before 10-12 min) with outpost denying resources to the French and cornering him by making a barracks in transition to Feudal.

Few things should be done to the Frenchman, his unique unit is fine as is (maybe the healing upgrade should be able to be effective when the knight is stopped, little else).

you can’t do dmg in the early game vs a french player as english. They use knights to raid.

I’ve been getting longbows and pikemen to protect my vills waaaaay before 10-12 mins. I’m talking in the first 7.

I didn’t even have enough time to build a barracks in one game before he had archers and 3 knights to harass me.

Another game I was constantly being raided and had to protect three angles of atk from raids. Then in that game I was producing units and constantly upgrading and he ended up building rams outside my base one by one while I watched and continued to build an army with almost no resources. Then lost half my vills trying to kill 3 rams and my army.

French is OP.

I literally build to harass before 7 min mark however you can’t do dmg when you can’t leave your base.

Plus part of the reason I had fewer units is because I tried to wall of an area which put me down on wood for archers.

My build is

1vill builds house then to wood
1scout for double scout
1vill to gold x3
Then rest on food until I age up
I also get the wood upgrade as soon as I get the lumber camp up.
Once I age I get a mill for wheelbarrow
I delay archers slightly as they can get out fast and resource gather doesn’t keep up with the building early.
In here I build a barracks usually and then start getting longbows/pikemen
All units cover my resources lines in small groups
usually 3 small groups until I have an army that can push out and keep generating back at base to protect vs raids.
Building towers just wastes resources and gathering time. pluss army does a better job than a tower as army actually kills things.

So if I leave with longbows to go harass and do dmg maybe I kill 1 villager and then have my archer army wiped out by the fast moving knights.

Also I just watched the game in question. I don’t know how you think english can do dmg before 10mins. I was at 9mins and had 8 archers. With 3 knights coming and 5 archers. Plus I had killed 1 knight.

My eco was barely imbalance being a little food heavy, which is not something I normally do however the map spawned really awkward and threw off my build in the early game as I didn’t get sheep at my TC and had idle vills for a little until I was able to get up a mill.

There was literally zero chance for me that game to get dmg in before 10min mark.

Outposts activate your castle network and make your archer and pikemen combo stronger, watch French vs English tournament matches to see the meta. As an alternative strategy, you have the latest video from Aussie_Drongo.

P.S: I don’t know your rating, but instead of asking for nerfs, try to see how the meta is doing and how the English can win. Greetings.

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If you’re getting wood upgrade, a mill that isn’t yet necessary to gather food, and wheelbarrow, that’s a notable amount of resources you’re spending early that are not being used to get your feudal military going and defend or harass. England needs to do some eco damage / harassment early to compete with French economic bonuses, so maybe consider waiting on these upgrades if you are having problems like three knights harassing your villagers before you’re able to build a barracks (this should not be happening).

You are doing aomething wrong them.
Usually you can have a few longbows and spearman harassing him as
his first knight pops out.
Your goal is to harass his gold mine asap and prevent him to reach a critical mass of royal knights. You need your barracks up before you even reach feudal and set the rally pount of both council hall and barracks forward and deny his gold mine.
Other options can be to get a 2nd tc and play more deffensively, or go for horseman+spearman instead of making longbows.


You arent doing it right against a civ, that also goes on early pressure.
Dont go for Eco upgrades so early and build barracks while you age up. If his first knight comes out, you already got 1-2 spears and 2-3 LBs

and you also delay your ageup without need by sending 1 vil to wood, before you balance your food/gold.

With the French, what I’m finding often in team games is that once they get 50+ knights in Imperial with all upgrades, they are basically invincible. They take out hardened spearmen, crossbows, you name it. The collective group becomes so large, the attack and run tactics and self-healing, the group of knights never dwindle and it just grows and grows larger. It’s pretty silly in team games.

That has nothing to do with the thread itself.
Every deathball is silly, especially in teamgames…

i haven’t done the testing but you’re saying they will beat an equal size blob of elite spearmen with all blacksmith upgrades and the uni upgrade for health and damage?

Just played a game against French and got destroyed. My big blob of hardened spearmen, all blacksmith upgrades, handcannoneers, all upgrades, university upgrades, gunpowder too. It was a lot of attack and run strategy they were doing to where they would self-heal and my group dwindled to nothing. They didn’t have any other units, just Royal Knights.

So, you got your matchhistory on private, what makes me unable to check your game.
But anyway. The thread was opened for “French being OP in early vs English”.
Every French Knight wins a 1on1 against the Spearmen, if you do it correct. The brace only works for charging units. If you interrupt your charge a few meters infront of the Spearmen, they wont brace. He is struggling with his BO, thats his problem in 1on1. Its not the fault of the French…

And i also think, that the impact of a Knight should be more heavy on the battlefield. 240 ressources vs 80 ressources… I would like to see this fight, you fought. You can mix some Spearmen in the lategame to protect your siege, but i think the MAA or also Knights is the better option for the frontline.

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Yes it does. Knights and healing. Are you paying attention and reading everything?

This is simply NOT true.
If I have a “deathball” of infantry, that can be eliminated with mangonels. There is a reason why players create a swarm of knights and not any other unit simply because there isn’t a good enough counter for them. Mangonels do too little damage to cavalry. Gunpowder as well. Spearmen can’t keep up with the deathball attack and run strategy + the French healing perk. Until they come up with a solution to counter a massive ball of knights, this will be a perpetuating issue.

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Well if all you had were hardened spearmen vs his presumably elite knights, of course you’re gonna lose that fight. And exactly how many handcannons did you have

I dont think that healing is that much of a deal, i dont know the excact number, but its about 2 HP per second. Check my last game if you like, it was French (me) vs English to see the healing-rate.

I played the most games as english and never thought, that the french were OP against me.

Of course. If you let them heal up, its not their fault. It’s yours. You could also mix in some Monks on the backline, to heal your wounded units up. Thats not the point.

French want to hold you in Feudal, because its their strenght. Most other civs are much better in Castle/Imp.

A deathball is not a bunch of infantry trashunits. And the knights are still a big invest. If you let him gather the ressources he needs, its not his fault…
I had a match, were i was able to build up 70 LBs as English and 1 shotted every Siege Unit, so is this also OP?
Teamgames are very hard to balance and i see those deathballs maybe 1 out of 20 games in an 1on1…