French balancing - Trading - New units

Hey guys and Hi Relic,

After all of thoses updates I’d like to thank you a lot for the work you did and also for the community to give ideas and help fixing the game. It’s been a while I didn’t do a thread but I’d like to speak a bit about french and over the new things around them.

I think french eco is in a middle-stage in the game and thanks to Chamber of Commerce they can go trade double TC (I also know there’s a “bug use” with the trade passive showed by Beasty).

But I actually think French doesn’t need that much eco, same for the range on X-bow it kinda make them too much when they already have some tools with palissade, dmg, range, cost.

What about adding a new real french unique ? Actually French civ only have “morph” units, nothing real unique. What about a Mousquetaire or something to actually help in Imperial where they’re one of the weakest civs. It’s kinda weird to keep seeing crossbow and stuff when you’re on the very late game.

It could be a unit with bonus damage against ranged with same range as X-bow but with slower rate of fire, slower movespeed, or even an unique passive that doesn’t exist or other units.

Thanks for reading me

french had a little buff with merchants but its not this much compared to other civ but adding mousquetaire would be actually awesome, rus have their own gunners so lets vote for adding mousquetaire for french



true but other civ have also gunner, rus’s, ottoman, malian it would be logic for french to have mosquetaire at imperial

Malian 缺乏重裝甲單位,所以用“未來”的火槍作為平衡。
Rus 蓋地標後才有石牆。也許是這原因,才決定給獨特的火槍兵。
Ottoman 作為特色而存在的獨特單位。比Handcannoneer弱。


IMO all European civs should get arquebus style weapons as well as Delhi. Chinese and Mongols can keep hand cannoneers due to their role in inventing/proliferating them, and Abbasids can keep them due to the fact that Mamluk Sultanate was very slow to adopt advanced gunpowder weapons.


Imo french needs to have different options available to them.
They have one viable build, its strong, but its also countered by several civs, so the civ right now just has really bad match ups.
Chamber of Commerce is simply not a competitive landmark yet and i would like to maybe see that landmark being moved away from trade into something else so french can have an actual viable alternative option to their standard build. Devs keep trying to push trade to make it viable, but that just isn’t working and will probably continue to not work.

For starters both the [Royal Knight] and the [Cannon] for the French could be renamed, where the Royal Knight gets renamed to [Gendarme] or [Cuirassier] while the Cannon can be renamed to the [Veuglaire].

This will help with making these two units more unique for the French, since the Gendarme were apparently heavy cavalrymen of noble birth who primarily served in the French army from the Late Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period. And the Veuglaire was an iron wrought cannon that was a part of the artillery of France in the Middle Ages. The Cannon looks a lot like the Veuglaire based on the pictures found on Google images.

When it comes to new potential unique units for the French then maybe they could get an infantry unit that uses the Voulge and where they could be called the [Voulgier]. This type of polearm did apparently exist primarily in 15th century France during the medieval ages.

Another unique unit for them can be the [Pot-de-fer] which could replace the [Springald] for the French. The Pot-de-fer was a primitive cannon and used by the French during the Hundred Years’ War. It shot an arrow like bolt instead of a cannonball.

Here is an example of what the Veuglaire cannon looks like:

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Its amazing people call french weak in the lategame while completly ignoring most of the unique perks of the civ in imp.


they have only arbeletriers and knights, while malian, ottoman, rus, chinese have gunpowder units, they actually have nothing special and an be countered easily

‘Only Arbaletrier’?

You mean that 90 res costing, 10/8 armor having, 25% faster firing arbaletrier? That alone is strong enough to monocomp.

You also have enlistment incentives for handcannons to put then at streltsy price. The strongest culverin. The red palace of instant doom.

The civ has ALOT for imp. Just french players that cant stop monocomping knights and dont know half the techs.

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but yet can be hard countered quite easily at age 2, its like china in my opinion, strong unit late game but yet very weak at begining

Unless I read everything wrong arbaletrier are an age 3 unit. And also get their best techs from the Royal Institute in age 3, for half price. Also, keep influence and enlistment incentives kicks in at age3 with RI too, so they’re really only late game if you forget about them.

if they can survive to get age 3

…? French is NOT a civ that struggles to get to age 3, dude.

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they can be hard counter very easily, the only civ that french are good against is HRE, maybe english

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…So you run individual knights directly into multiple spears then?

Actually, are you just cutting and pasting pieces of your original comment now? Like, the ones that didnt get picked apart yet?

what i mean is that they be countered easily, you have knights, but they cost a lot, meanwhile you can counter them with spears which are cheap, you you ran out of gold meanwhile opponent can spam spears and archers that doesn’t requires gold, french can have free merchants with chamber of commerce but… merchant too exposed hard to protect, they can do goods and late game, if they get there, what’s your main civ ?

I main french. So I know that this civ has access to more than knights - such as archers, spears and horsemen. Did you know archers are also pretty cheap, dont cost gold and ‘easily counter’ those dreaded spears??

And then…merchants are hard to protect sure, but an early knight civ with a fast starting eco tends to have an advantage of map control. On your own head if you dont know how to use that. Not that you really have to, french can gain a vil lead over most just through the faster vil production.

A unit having a counter isnt weak, being unable to counter an obstacle is a skill issue.

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i’m not a pro player but of course i know to counter spears with archers,
what i meant is that french not the worst civ but what advantage they have other civ can do better french would actually need buff or more variety of gameplay to have better chance to compete with other civ, was just saying that meanwhile other civ get buffed french still remain the same and just have small bonuses that don’t really help,
as example, early knights? rus have it too and have wood bonus so they better at mass archers
eco advantage with boost vil production? chinese song dynasty, abbassid 2tc even 3 tc and can trade better than french
map control? ottoman oppening with military school in 3 min you have already unit for free, dheli have can boost production with imam and can quickly mass unit
french can stand angainst english and hre because knight beat MAA and mongol that got nerfed hard