French villagers only have men

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How can a group of men reproduce offspring?

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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  1. Choose French production villagers

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New unit production

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Although is not a bug, DE should had added female CDB, and a unique skins for Cree CDB

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Well coureur de bois weren’t an exact parallel to settlers of other nations, they were independent traders who travelled to the new world to make a living trading with the natives for furs. I’m pretty sure all of them were men, and it was common for them to marry native women due to the lack of european woman in the new world at the time, and the nature of their work (they would have spent most of their time travelling the new world and meeting/trading with the native peoples instead other europeans). The reason why CDB are more efficient than settlers in game is because CDB in real life were significantly more rugged than regular settlers.

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And the economic success of the french fur traders where entirely dependent on the local women they married and I think it is unfair to neglect their historical role by excluding them from the game. Wikipedia has an illuminating article dealing with the the subject: [à_la_façon_du_pays]