Further developing the "select all..." feature

One of the new features I really love in DE is the ability to select multiple versions of the same thing with the click of a button, like select all military buildings, select all rax, stables, castles etc… select all military units and so on… Its a very useful feature and I use it in all games.

This got me thinking, does anybody else feel that this could be expanded upon? It would be awesome to have options also for the following:

. Select all cavalry units
. Select all foot archer units
. Select all infantry units
. Select all cav archer units
. Select all siege units
. Select all monks
and so on…

What do you guy think? Discuss…


Before those “select all” changes I used to have a hard time keeping constant production in late game. If I didn’t have all my production buildings in the same place where I could focus my attention only a couple of my buildings were producing.
Now it’s so easy that even a barracks built on the back of my base in feudal age is still being working with little effort from me.

I was bad in multitasking (and I still am to be honest) and instead of improving myself, the game was made easier for me. The game’s micro-managing complexity is in a good spot right now. I don’t actually like that direction and I hope no further automatization is added.

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hmm fair enough. I don’t personally see it this way. but ok.

I think it’s a good idea. If not this there should at least be an option to add or remove units from the Select all Land Military Units and Select all Visible Land Military Units hotkeys, so each player gets their own use out of it.

It’s unfair that some players can use Select All if they’re using 1 unit type (or certain units/strategies it favors like Goth Spam for example) and others can’t, purely because they’re using different units or a mix of units.

With Trebuchets, if you don’t use them you get access to Attack Move and can have all your units fighting at once and reinforcements won’t be cut off because you can spam Select-all Attack-Move constantly.
See my topic about Attack Move: Please add Attack Move and Patrol commands when Trebuchets are selected with other military units

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Funny enough I just played the new AOE3DE and they have included this very feature. You can select all infinitely, all cav, and all arty at the press of a button. If its good for one game I say its good for the others, hope the devs at this in.