Fusing objects

it is pretty powerful once massed and hard to deal with. it uses bombard cannon against siege for long range and ballista against regular military. like a couple of ethiopian scorpion all shot out at once.

But tanks and stuff. Modern warfare. So deadly compared to medieval weapons. As you can probably tell, if I was adding tanks, it would probably be an overhaul into a modern style of war.

How do you access the frame files to place in the SLX studio? I don’t know where to start. I am watching Tevious tutorials but he simply had them prepared on his desktop. I am not starting big with creating my own, i just want to ad to a mod.

That’s what I said earlier, unless you backed up all the game graphics before they changed the file format, you’re screwed, unless you can find them online. There are currently no community tools that can read the SLD format.

Umm… I have been working within a mod, separate from the original game files. You said,

I didn’t know they changed the file format… Does this mean that SLX studio is useless if you didn’t have it backed up before they changed it?

If you didn’t back up all the graphics files while they still used the SMX format, then yes, SLX Studio is useless, as it can’t currently read SLD files, which is what the game now uses. The game can still read SMX files, but SLX Studio can’t read SLD. To mod game graphics, you needed to save them all when they used the old format.

Okay. Guess i am sunk then. lol Do you know of a program for SLD files?
I wasn’t even playing the AOE ii de until several months ago so thats a no go on the backup.
Just out of curiosities sake, when did they change the file format?

Like I said, there are currently no tools that can edit SLD. With regards to when it switched, it was update 66692, so maybe several months, don’t totally remember.

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Alright. Thanks anyway man.

Im pretty sure what you want to do is doable with data editing.In the vanilla game korean war wagon was 3 parts annexd together if you can figure out how it was done this would be doable.

This might be of help.

I backed up all the non-UHD graphics before the change to SLD. Let me know if you want them and I’ll figure out a way to send you them.

Alternatively/if you want the UHD graphics, I think there is a way on Steam to download files from earlier versions of the game. I’m not sure how you do it, but I guess someone on the SLX Studio Discord will know.

Wasn’t it the release of Dynasties of India?

One and the same I’m pretty sure. DoI was 66692.

Hey that would be awesome man!