[future_live] Select idle Villagers in Radius not always work

This is really awesome concept. It seems it selects a closest group of idle villagers. This way I can avoid my villagers to run across entire map because I selected all of them and they happen to be everywhere. Usually it works really well, but sometimes it breaks and don’t want to select anything. I created a game with just me without any opponents and building multiple TCs all around the map to reproduce this problem:

I’m not sure if it something weird with my hotkey setup. Sometimes I have a group of villagers in the middle of my screen, but the hotkey does nothing. Select all idle villagers does work in those cases.

My setup:
I have [Select Idle Villagers in Radius] bound to [Space]
[Select all idle Villagers] bound to [Ctrl+Space]
[Focus on Selected Unit(s)] = double click on [Space [x2]] as secondary key.

Selection [Idle Villager] = [Select only]

I believe it happens when I order a group of villagers to build farms. If there are more villagers than farms to be build, the villagers which finished building farms and become idle are not selectable with the radius idle villager select hotkey.

Thank you for bringing this up. We’ll check into it @Toster256. Appreciate the bug report!

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