Future of the franchise... what happens after AOMR is released?

I’ve been wondering about this lately. Any prognostications?

Two possible scenarios

1- The game launches with optimization and balance issues. It takes 2 years to release the first DLC. AoMr becomes just another title in the aoe series

2-The game launches well-optimized, and patches are frequent. The first DLC is released in a maximum of 8 months. The game becomes a success that can even rival AoE2


But what about new games? Is AMOR the end of the road for major new releases and all we’ll get is DLC and patches to the existing games?

(Unlikely) Disney and Microsoft partner up and decide to give Galactic Battlegrounds the DE treatment. Could be perfectly timed with the 20th anniversary of Revenge of the Sith

(Also unlikely) Microsoft decides to properly remaster its other RTS series - Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends.


A catastrophe happens in both possible futures: Generative AI is forced to be implemented and players will have trouble to find out what is human made, what is human-stolen-and-made-by-machines, yet prices will still go up

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OMG rise of nations and rise of legends! I would love that! Really. Especially Rise of Legends deserves attention and would be amazing upgraded and would fill a gap next to AoMR in the strategy and game genre in general.

But RoL would needs more than AoMR will get. And yeah it’s unfortunately unlikely but I am already happy we get AoMRwhich hopefully launches good and with a great DLC 5-8 months later

Two possibilities:

  1. AoMR will be a flop and they fire the whole team
  2. AoMR will be a massive success and they will still fire the whole team

At last it seems like thats what Microsoft and many other publishers are currently doing.

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For me, it goes for the latter… AoM has 5 mythologies and is easier to balance, plus it is from the WC3 era so it could do well where WC3 Reforged failed…

Yes, they could also release AoE Online DE or Empire Earth 1 DE in 2026, but I see it unlikely… and obvious dlcs for AoE 2 and 3 DE and Retold in 2025, 2026 and so on…

Yes, that too…plus Microsoft was closing many studios this week to reduce costs…

Yes, I agree…maybe they will try RoN first in 2028 (25th anniversary) and then Rise of Legends in 2031 (25th anniversary)…

Yes, that’s true… it would hurt us if after launching AoM Retold, MS closed World Edge and Forgotten Empires…