Game civilitzations

After the fan preview, I have an important question…they only previewed 4 civilitzations…does that mean there will only be 4 when the game launches, or are they keeping some under cover? Only 4 civilitzations would be a complete failure…


Nobody here has the answer for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce a few more civs in the future, but we’re definitely not getting anywhere close to the amount of civs in AoE2. With AoE4, they’re going for a style with fewer civs but with more differences between them. I’m not necessarily a fan of that choice, but it is not a downright failure. Starcraft 1 and 2 only had three races and those games did just fine.

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i believe there will be 8 civs, those just were showed for hyping, the rest will be unkown for now


It is confirmed - 8 civs from a german gaming magazine (gamestar) - they wrote an article (interview) but its behind a paywall.
Link → Preview: Wird Age of Empires 4 das Strategie-Comeback unserer Träume?


I don’t know, but I am disappointed about the Civs if there is no more in release, I mean really they added India and didn’t add Saracens and France for example which were a key powers in middle ages, I really don’t know what they are thinking if they only go with this list

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Arent there 5 already?
Delhi Sultanate

If we need 3 more I’d say Byzantine, Turks, HRE

If we get 10 at release I’d add Italians and Viking’s. Just my opinion.


France is not confirmed…only 4 so far!

Are they not? Well a Medevial game with English and without the French, would be incredibly stupid… so I’m fairly sure we will see them confirmed soon lol.


i personally would pick the saracens over the turks or the HRE as they were very important part of the middle ages


I’m not gonna be mad if HRE or Turks are not in the game, just my initial thought.

I’d also argue that the HRE was impactful but I’m not really interested in an argument, I’ve seen to many of them on this forum :rofl:

I agree with u, I think Saracens must be included

Agreed. imo sarracens, norsemen/vikings and french should be included.


I saw rumours of 8 civs.

1- English
2- Mongols
3- Chinese
4- Indians
5- Frenchs
6- Vikings
7- Byzantins
8- Japanese/Koreans!? (Marketing)

But where is sarracens, HRE, turks, persians, rus, spanish, aztecs, incas…


Where u find this rumors?
this rumors will make even more disappointed if they are true.


Actually after a research there will be 8 Civs at launch,
look at second 29 they talked about the Civs and they said there will be 8 at launch.

So hopes for Saracens, France and other major Civs to be included


In last video appear asian ships (are chinese? Or japanese, koreans?)

And named Frenchs, Vikings and Romans/Byzantins.

For marketing is obvious, can get more public, but historically not fair.

Samurais and ninjas are popular, money money.

Vikings/Norses probably is my favourite civ, but not sure is historically fair.

Knights, vikings, samurais, elephants, camels, monks… good mix for marketing.

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I think adding Saracens and a Crusade Campaign are way more popular and interesting than this.

And as you said this is not fair historically.

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Totally agree with u guy!


I would prefer Saracens over Japanese/Koreans^^


I wonder which ones will be the four remaining civs to unveil. I would bet for Vikings and another european (Franks or Holy Roman Empire) 100%, and probably an arab civilization (Saracens, Egypt Sultanate under Saladin, Persians or Turks for example). But the fourth one… maybe Eastern Roman Empire/Byzantines?

I’m so hyped.