Game closes suddenly with no error message

Please help.
I cannot play this game very long without it closing and returning to windows desktop.
There is no error message or anything, it just closes.
Sometimes I can play for a minute, sometimes I can play for 10, without warning it closes.

The game is very laggy as it is.

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My issue sounds a little different, but similar. My game will crash without warning and go back to desktop. No warning, no explanation. It also doesn’t happen very consistently. I appears to be completely random.

Potentially related to the security scan from the debug log I posted elsewhere. Alternatively, it may be related to network connectivity.

This is a known bug:

I have this same problem - Game will crash with no error messages. It crashes after a few mintues of playing single player. it 100% of the time crashes when I try to run the benchmark test. I checked my GPU temp and it was fine afterwards. This is on the lowest graphics settings.

Intel i5-4440 @3.1 Ghz
8 GB ram
AMD radeon R9 285

I really want to play this game and I have above the system requirements and recommendations.

Do you have the enhanced graphic pack turned on when you see this?


Yes - also, this appears to happen on certain machines. My macbook pro didn’t have any issues running this. The Lenovo P52s basically dies when it tries to run.

Same here even after those two updates game keeps crashing with no error message. Whenever I try to run a Benchmark Test it crashes with no error message, and when i start playing after 10 min crashes suddenly with no error message as well. I have windows 10, i7, GTX 1060, 16 GB memory. I’m certain its not my pc the problem… I run any game here with no problem. I’ll want a refund if you guys can’t make me even play the game…

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I just realized that this is in the AoE DE category but you said yes to EGP. Is this an issue with AoE II DE?

I think I found some solution for the crash if your xbox account signed in the game just sign out it when I try that it worked for me.Issue might be xbox app. App probably trying to do something on background and it fails after that game closes

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